I’m Still Earning Chase Freedom Exclusives 10&10 Ultimate Rewards Points

I’m still earning the Chase Freedom Exclusives 10&10 Ultimate Rewards bonus points under the old program terms for having both a Chase Freedom card and a Chase checking account.

That means I’m earning 1 bonus point for each $10 of net purchases, which equates to 10% of base points earned, plus I get an additional 10 bonus points for each individual net purchase.

There was a Rumor going around a year or so ago that Chase would downgrade the Freedom Exclusives program.

Then, Dan’s Deals recently confirmed changes that were taking place to the Freedom Exclusives program as of August 1, 2013, for some customers.

However, these program changes did not apply to all customers, and I personally am still receiving the benefits under the prior program’s terms.

What Are My Benefits for the Exclusives 10&10 Program?

The Chase Freedom Exclusives 10&10 Program offers me 1 bonus point for each $10 of net purchases, which is equal to 10% of base points earned.

I also get an additional 10 bonus points for each individual net purchase.

 Chase Freedom Exclusives 10 on 10 Ultimate Rewards Program

You must have both a Chase Freedom Card and a Chase Checking Account in order to qualify for the Exclusives benefit.

What Are the New Freedom Exclusives Changes?

According to DansDeals.com, the 10 points per transaction is no longer available.

Additionally, the 10% bonus is credited annually instead of on a monthly basis.

As an added benefit, the 10% annual bonus now applies to the 5 points per $1 that are earned on Freedom 5% Rebate Categories, so the 10% annual bonus does not just apply to base points earned anymore.

Which Program is Better?

In my opinion, the prior program is probably still better for most people, because you earn the 10 bonus points on each individual purchase, which is an easy way to rack up points on small purchases.

However, if you don’t make a lot of small purchases, and you max out your 5% rebate categories on just a few large purchases each quarter, like for hotel stays or airline tickets (when those are the participating categories), then you may benefit more from the 10% annual bonus being applied to the bonus points earned from the 5% purchase categories instead.

Considering that you can earn 24,000 “bonus” points per year through the 5% rebate categories (1 base point + 4 bonus points X $1,500 spending limit per quarter with 4 quarters per year), the 10% annual bonus on bonus points earned in 5% categories would equal 2,400 annual bonus points, and you would have to make 240 individual purchases per year to equal that same amount with the 10 bonus points per individual net purchase.

So depending on if you max out the 5% rebate categories and how many individual purchases you make per year, you would have to figure out which program benefits you the most.

However, even if you decide that one program would benefit you more than the other, I don’t necessarily think that you have a choice between the new and old program, as you are pretty much stuck with what Chase has assigned you, unless you can request an upgrade from the old to new program, but I haven’t attempted to do this personally.

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Are you participating in Chase Freedom Exclusives? If so, are you enrolled in the old program or new program terms?

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