New Prepaid Credit Cards with Automatic Approval

Prepaid credit cards offer automatic approval to applicants with bad credit who are having trouble getting approved for credit cards.

Prepaid cards offer instant approval regardless of your poor credit history, and there are no income requirements and no credit checks, so even customer with very poor credit histories can be approved for prepaid credit cards.

Unlike regular Credit Cards that provide you with a line of credit, prepaid cards require you to deposit funds into an account from which your purchases will be withdrawn, similar to how a debit card or check card works.

Once you deposit funds, you can use your prepaid credit card anywhere MasterCard or Visa credit cards are accepted including online purchases, phone purchases, car rentals, and cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Prepaid cards do sometimes charge additional fees for certain transactions, so you’ll want to pay close attention to the card fees.

However, many of the prepaid card offers below provide fee-free transactions, so you’ll save money when you use these prepaid cards.

Prepaid Credit Card Offers

Check out some of these prepaid card offers with automatic approval.

Green Dot Prepaid MasterCard

Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard®

  • As seen on TV-by far the most popular prepaid in America!
  • Available at over 50,000 retailers including Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid
  • Save $5 today when you order online
  • No credit check, EVER
  • Easy reload using Green Dot MoneyPaks
  • Extra bonuses with Direct Deposit
  • No bounced check fees or outrageous interest charges

READYdebit® Card

READYdebit® Platinum Visa® Prepaid Card

  • 100% Approval Guaranteed!* – No Chexsystems or credit checks, bankruptcy okay!
  • Now with FREE Credit Builder!
  • Better than a checking account – Great online bill pay service with no overdraft, bounced check fees – EVER!
  • Pay Nothing Now! – No deposits or prepayments required to get your card.
  • FREE Direct Deposit! – stop paying to cash your paycheck.
  • FREE phone and online access to your card account!
  • No declined transaction fees!
  • Great Loading Options – FREE direct deposit and bank account transfers, 60,000+ Green Dot and ReadyLink cash load locations.
  • Safer than cash – All deposits FDIC insured; purchases covered by Visa Zero Fraud Liability protection.
  • Cheaper than credit – no late fees, no over limit fees, no interest charges – EVER!
  • * Subject to I.D. Verification.

These prepaid credit cards offer automatic approval regardless of your poor credit history or even if you have no credit history.

Check out these additional Prepaid Credit Card Offers.

Secured Credit Card Offers provide additional options for consumers who can’t get approved for other credit cards, and they can also help improve your credit history.

Take advantage of these prepaid credit cards to receive a credit card for telephone purchases, paying bills online, renting cars, purchasing airline tickets, and more everyday purchases that require a credit card.


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