PayPower Prepaid Card $20 Direct Deposit Bonus and Referral Rewards for Both Parties

The PayPower Visa Prepaid Card is offering a $20 bonus when you set up a direct deposit and bonus referral rewards for both parties when a current customer refers a new customer to open a PayPower card account.

PayPower Card Referral Bonuses

Current customers can receive a $20 referral bonus for each customer that you refer who applies for a PayPower Visa Prepaid Card within 60 days of the referral and loads at least $50 to their card account within 60 days of enrolling for the card.

Referred new customers will get a $10 credit to your card account within 30 days of completing your first load to the card account, so everybody wins with the PayPower referral program.

The referral bonuses will be credited directly to your PayPower card account.

There is no limit to the amount of bonus cash that you can earn through the PayPower Referral Program.

Bonuses will only be paid for referees who have never applied for or had a PayPower card account

Review the PayPower Referral Terms for more details.

PayPower Card Direct Deposit Bonus

You can get a $20 PayPower Direct Deposit Bonus when you set up a direct deposit to your PayPower account.

Earn $20 with a direct deposit of your employer paycheck or government benefits check.

To earn a $20 credit, you must make a minimum of 2 direct deposits of $100 or more each within 75 days of successful registration.

The bonus credit will post to your card account within 15 days of the second successfully applied deposit.

PayPower Card Account Fees

Check out for more details on the PayPower card features and benefits as well as to view these promotional offers.

It’s important to note that there are PayPower Fees associated with the PayPower card, so please review them carefully before considering opening a new card account.

You may also be interested in these other Prepaid Card Accounts if you’ve had trouble being approved for a standard credit card.

Take advantage of the PayPower referral rewards program and direct deposit bonus if you open a PayPower account.

Please feel free to exchange PayPower referral bonuses in the comments section below this article.

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