Registering for Chase Online Banking Business Accounts Versus Personal Accounts

I was trying to enroll my new Chase Ink Business Card with my current Chase Bank online management account, but it kept indicating that my business card couldn’t be registered.

After a little research, I realized that you can only enroll personal accounts together in the personal online account manager, and not business accounts.

If you want to enroll both your personal and business accounts together using the same User ID and Password, you must register for a business online management account first.

If you already have a personal account, then the easiest way to set this up and transfer your accounts over to online business management is to contact Chase Bank by calling 1-877-242-2372.

You can also Register Online with Chase Bank if you prefer.

However, you will be required to receive a Validation Code via phone or text to confirm your identity when you enroll online, and when I tried to do it, Chase had an outdated phone number of mine for validation purposes, so I ended up having to call either way.

Once you enroll your business accounts first, then you can click “Add Personal Accounts” on the My Accounts page to add your personal accounts as well.

It’s also important to note that Chase Commercial Online is limited to business accounts.

I ran into this issue after being approved for my Chase Ink Business Card recently, so I thought others may have experienced issues or had problems with this as well.

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