Sears Credit Card $15 Shopping Bonus Discount Offer

Sears store credit cards are currently offering up to $15 in shopping bonus discounts when you apply for a Sears card in your local store, receive instant approval, and make your first Sears card purchase the same today.

Just apply for a Sears credit card at your local Sears store, and you’ll get instant approval, plus you can receive up to $15 off your first purchase the same day.

You’ll receive a $15 bonus for the Sears MasterCard Card or a $10 bonus for the Sears Card.

This Sears credit card bonus offer is available in Sears stores, and you can pick up the Sears card pamphlet at any cashier or ask your sales assistant for details.

$15 Sears MasterCard Card Bonus

You’ll get $15 off your first purchase when you are approved for the Sears MasterCard credit card.

$15 will be credited to your account when you make your first qualifying purchase the same day with your Sears MasterCard.

The first purchase must be made the same day as account opening in order to receive the $15 bonus.

Make sure you also enroll your Sears MasterCard in the Sears Choice Rewards program to earn points whenever you shop at Sears or anywhere else MasterCard is accepted, as the Sears Choice Rewards program is free with your Sears MasterCard, but you must enroll.

$10 Sears Card Bonus

The Sears Card or SearsCharge Plus offers you a $10 account credit when you make your first purchase the same day as you are approved for your account.

Both the Sears Card and the Sears MasterCard have no annual fees, plus you’ll get coupons in your statements, you can make returns without a receipt, and you’ll gain access to exclusive card member-only events.

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Review more Credit Card Bonus Offers for cash bonuses when you apply for new credit cards.

Visit your local Sears store today and sign up for a Sears credit card to get instant approval and save up to $15 off your first purchase at Sears.

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