Use 30% Less Points to Pay for Charges with AMEX Mobile App

American Express Membership Rewards members can use 30% less points when you pay for your eligible card charges with the AMEX Mobile App through January 31, 2014.

You can now use the American Express Mobile App to pay for your charges with Membership Rewards points.

Plus, for a limited time, you can use 30% less points just for using the AMEX Mobile App to pay for charges with MR points.

30% Less Membership Rewards Points Promotion

Just log in to your AMEX card account at this 30% Less Points with AMEX Mobile App Promo Link to view the promotion for your Membership Rewards account.

I received an email about this offer, and it looks like it’s available to everyone, but you may want to check if this promotion is showing in your account before paying for your charges with the app.

Use 30% Less Points to Pay for Charges with AMEX Mobile App

How To Pay for Charges with App and Use 30% Less Points

1. Get the AMEX Mobile App for iPhone or Android phones.

2. From the App, tap “Use Points for Charges.”

3. Pick a charge from your recent eligible activity, like holiday gifts, dining, entertainment, and more.

4. Use points and receive a credit on your statement. Use 30% less points with the app until 1/31/2014.

Value of Using Points to Pay for Charges with Mobile App

When you Redeem Membership Rewards Points for charges using the AMEX Mobile App, the redemption value is usually about 6/10 of a penny per 1 point, so it’s not necessarily the best redemption rate available.

However, with the 30% less points promotion, you’ll get closer to around 1 penny per point, which makes it a little better.

There are still better values for redeeming Membership Rewards points, but if you want to redeem your points toward charges, this is a decent deal to take advantage of while it’s available.

You can check out these American Express Membership Rewards Card Promotions if you don’t already have a participating card.

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