Vision Premier Prepaid Credit Card for Bad Credit

The Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card is ideal for consumers with bad credit as there are no credit checks and no employment requirements to get instant approval for this credit card.

The Vision Premier® Visa® Prepaid Card – Simple & Fair is accepted anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted, so you can use it for online purchases, telephone purchases, car rentals, bill payments, and all of your other purchases that require a credit card.

However, unlike standard credit cards, Prepaid Credit Cards require you to deposit funds into an account from which your purchases will be withdrawn, similar to how a debit card or check card works.

The Vision Premier card has a $0 weekly fee with a direct deposit (up to $1.95 fee will be deducted from your card account per week otherwise).

Your weekly fee will be rebated the following month when you sign up for direct deposit and deposit a minimum of $500 per month or complete 15 or more transactions each month.

The Vision Premier prepaid card also has a $0 activation fee with a direct deposit (up to $29.95 fee for activation otherwise).

To receive a rebate on the your activation fee, download the Mail-In Rebate Form, complete the form, and mail it into the address stated on the form. Your activation fee rebate will be credited to your card account within 30 days.

The Vision Premier prepaid card also provides free direct deposit, free online bill pay, and more benefits for consumers with a poor credit history.

Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card Benefits

  • $0 WEEKLY FEE – with Direct Deposit!
  • $0 ACTIVATION FEE – with Direct Deposit*
  • Guaranteed approval† with no credit check
  • FREE unlimited purchase transactions
  • FREE Direct Deposit – no more check cashing fees
  • FREE Account Alerts – email and/or SMS text messages
  • Pay any bill: rent, cellular phone, insurance, utilities, etc.
  • Load cash at over 100,000 participating retail locations
  • Take Control – no late fees, no interest, no NSF fees

Take advantage of the Vision Premier prepaid credit card if you’ve been declined for credit card applications and you have a poor credit history.

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