Wachovia Possibilities Rewards Program Offers Bonus Points through Online Shopping Network

The Wachovia Possibilities Rewards program offers an average of 10 bonus points per $1 spent through their online shopping network of brand-name merchants including Barnes & Noble, Target.com, The Home Depot, Overstock.com, Dell, and many more.

Just use your registered Wachovia check card or credit card to make purchases through the Wachovia Possibilities shopping rewards network, and you’ll earn bonus points on all of your purchase.

The Wachovia Possibilities Rewards program is absolutely free, and it’s a great way to earn points for all of your Wachovia card purchases that can be redeemed for a wide range of merchandise, gift certificates, travel, and other rewards.

Visit the Wachovia Possibilities Rewards Program website to register your Wachovia credit card or debit card to start earning bonus rewards today.

If you were previously participating in the Wachovia Possibilities Rewards program, you’ll have to re-register your card to use the enhanced rewards program interface, but all of your points balances will be carried over and remain the same.

Once you register and log in, you can start making purchases through the Wachovia online shopping network to earn bonus points on all of your purchases.

Examples of Wachovia Bonus Point Offers:

Sony Style – 12 points per $1.
Overstock.com – 20 points per $1.
ProFlowers – 40 points per $1.
Target.com – 20 points per $1.
InterContinental Hotels Group – 6 points per $1.
travelociy – 6 points per $1.
Sears – 15 points per $1.
eToys.com – 15 points per $1.

Bonus points earned through the Wachovia shopping rewards network are in addition to the standard points you’ll earn for making qualifying purchases on your Wachovia check card or credit card.

Wachovia Possibilities Rewards Program Rules

All Wachovia Visa cards issued in the U.S. and in good standing are eligible for the Wachovia Possibilities Rewards program.

Eligible Wachovia Visa “credit cards” are automatically enrolled in the Wachovia Possibilities Rewards program when they are issued.

Eligible Wachovia Visa “check cards” may be enrolled in the program at any time, and you will earn points beginning at the time of enrollment.

You’ll earn points for all qualifying purchases made on your Wachovia card.

A “Qualifying Purchase” is any signature-based purchase, Internet purchases, phone or mail order purchase, bill payments, contact-less purchases (purchases made by holding your Visa card or other device up to a secure reader instead of swiping your card), or small dollar purchases for which you are not required to sign.

Don’t use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when paying for your purchases with your enrolled Visa Card if you want to earn points for those purchases.

Wachovia Card Point Levels

The amount of points you’ll earn for all of your purchases depends on which type of Wachovia card you have.

Visa Check Card – 1 point per $1.
Visa Classic Card or Visa Business Check Card – 2 points per $1.
Visa Platinum Card – 4 points per $1.
Visa Signature Card – 6 points per $1.

There is no cap to the number of rewards points you can earn, but all points will expire 5 years after they are earned.

Redeeming Wachovia Possibilities Rewards Points

Points can be redeemed for various rewards starting at 5,500 points, which will get you a $10 gift certificate to different stores or other merchandise, and a $25 Wachovia gift card is available for 15,000 points.

Considering the standard 1 point per $1 earning rate of the check card, that’s barely a 0.166% cash rebate return on your purchases, which is pretty poor in comparison to using a Cash Rebate Credit Card, but since enrollment is free, you might as well take advantage of the points you automatically earn for your purchases, plus your rebate percentage increases when you consider the bonus points earned through the Wachovia shopping rewards network.

Register Your Wachovia Card at the new Wachovia Possibilities Rewards Program website to start earning bonus points through their online shopping network and to redeem your points for gift cards, travel, merchandise, and much more.

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Take advantage of the Wachovia Possibilities Rewards program to earn bonus points through the Wachovia Earn More Mall shopping network.


  1. erika sowell says

    I would like to know how many points I earned so far.
    Will be traveling to canada in june. Please let me know how I can apply the points to airline fares.
    I’m signed up with wachovia rewards.Like to have a total of the points.
    Thank you,
    Erika Sowell

  2. Harold Williams says

    This site does not give information as to how to go on line to look up how many points I have accumulated. Where can I find this information??????

  3. Beckie Blanton says

    I would like to learn how to access to find how many points I have and to use them. Going through the Wachovia website does not work

  4. says


    Here’s some info on the status of the Wachovia Possibilities Rewards program and how to access your accounts.

    Wachovia rewards is now part of the Wells Fargo Rewards program.

    You can still redeem your points and check your points balance.

    The Wachovia rewards program link above in our article is now redirecting to the Wells Fargo Rewards program, so click through that link to access your account.

    Log in for the first time by using your 16-digit card number (either your Wachovia or Wells Fargo card number) for your user name and the password you used on wachoviapossibilities.com.

    After a successful log in, you will be required to create a new user name.

    Going forward, you will use this user name and your existing password to log into WellsFargoRewards.com.

    If you can’t remember your wachoviapossibilities.com password, you should register as a new user.

    I hope this helps you to access and redeem your old points from Wachovia rewards.

    Thank you, Max

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