Wallaby Financial Maximizes Multiple Credit Card Rewards Automatically

Wallaby Financial is a service that helps you automatically maximize your credit card rewards.

Wallaby combines all of your credit card accounts into a single Wallaby Card, so you can carry just 1 card that is connected to multiple accounts.

Wallaby then automatically uses your best card rewards option for each separate purchase, which allows you to maximize cash back rebates, merchant discounts, and frequent traveler rewards.

The first 1,000 people to sign up for Wallaby Financial will receive free membership for life.

Plus, the next 5,000 will receive 12 months free, so get on the beta list now to claim your spot.

Sign up for Wallaby Financial to join the list for their beta trial today.

About the Wallaby Card

The Wallaby Card is an advanced cloud-based digital wallet that stores the information about each of your existing credit cards and automatically picks the best card to charge in each transaction, based on your preferences.

Each time you swipe your Wallaby Card, it tracks where you are, what day it is, what cards are in your wallet, what your preferences are, and what special deals are available to determine the best card for that purchase, and it then automatically forwards the transaction to that card.

You just swipe and sign at the register as you always do, and you pay the same bills to the same banks just like you always have.

The Wallaby Card is not a new line of credit or a new checking or debit account.

Wallaby does not perform a hard credit check on your account, and no line of credit is issued.

Using the Wallaby Card will not affect your credit score.

How Wallaby Financial Works

Wallaby keeps track of all of the different rewards offers for each of the credit cards you own, including limited-time and 1-time discounts.

For instance, they’ll track whether your cards have 5% Cash Back Rewards on gas stations this month or triple points on restaurants.

They also track your credit line limits and cash back maximums, so that they can automatically pick the Best Card to Maximize Rewards for every purchase.

In order to participate, you must provide your personal information (as required by law), the credit card numbers to the cards that you want to register, and your favorite type of rewards to earn.

Wallaby Fees

If you’re 1 of the first 1,000 people to sign up for Wallaby Financial, you will receive free life-time membership, plus the next 5,000 will receive 12 months free.

Otherwise, the Wallaby Card comes with an introductory free usage period of 6 months.

After that, it’s $50 per year to maintain your membership.

Take advantage of Wallaby Financial to maximize your credit card rewards.

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