WalletUp by CreditCards.com – New Credit Card Tool Review

WalletUp by CreditCards.com is a new tool to help you find the best credit card rewards based on your spending profile and personal preferences.

Basically, you register for a free WalletUp account on CreditCards.com, provide information about your spending habits, connect your current cards (optional), and select the types of rewards that you want to earn.

WalletUp will then provide you with personalized recommendations for the best credit cards based on your profile.

The main reason I signed up for WalletUp was to see if they provide any credit card bonuses that are not otherwise available through affiliate networks or directly from the issuers, like the types of offers that CreditCards.com provides through their CARDMATCH Tool.

However, my personal card recommendations consisted of the same offers that I could find elsewhere, so there were no unique offers available for me personally, but you may still wish to create an account for yourself, as you never know what types of offers they may recommend to you.

WalletUp does provide some interesting statistics and charts to review about your spending habits and how much rewards you could earn with particular credit cards, so it is an interesting tool in that regard.

However, all of the recommended card offers are the standard affiliate promotions, so it doesn’t really provide an unbiased platform for true credit card recommendations.

You do not have to provide your Social Security Number to create an account or go through any type of credit check.

They do provide the option to connect your online credit card accounts, so that they can integrate your spending habits directly from your credit card account, but this is not required, and I personally chose not to provide this type of secure information.

If you decide to check out the WalletUp tool, please leave a comment indicating if you receive access to any special card offers, as I’d love to hear about them.

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