Chase Identity Protection Credit Monitoring, Credit Reports, and Credit Scores

The Chase Identity Protection program provides immediate online access to your credit reports and credit scores from all 3 credit bureaus as well as 24/7 credit bureau monitoring services with automatic email alerts.

Chase Identity Protection allows you to access your credit reports and credit scores as well as Chase credit monitoring services.

You’ll receive immediate online access to your 3 credit scores and 3 credit reports when you sign up for Chase ID Protection.

You’ll also be enrolled in Chase’s 3-bureau credit monitoring services that constantly monitor your credit bureau reports at Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion and automatically alert you to any changes that may indicate your credit files have been compromised.

Chase Identity Protection provides you with unlimited online access to your credit reports and credit scores as long as you are a member as well as protection against identity theft and credit fraud through 3-bureau credit monitoring.

Credit Scores and Credit Reports

You will receive immediate and unlimited online access to your 3-in-1 credit reports and credit scores from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion when you sign up for Chase Identity Protection services.

You’ll receive consumer report information to help you understand your credit reports and credit scores as well as personal assistance with your credit report review.

Chase Identity Protection also provides its offline members with unlimited access to single-bureau credit reports and scores if you prefer to receive a hard-copy of your credit report and credit score.

Credit Monitoring Services

Chase Identity Protection will provide you with 3-bureau credit monitoring services at Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Chase monitors your 3 credit reports on a 24/7 basis for any changes that may indicate your credit files have been compromised, such as new inquiries, new accounts, new addresses, new employers, improved accounts, delinquent accounts, fraud alerts, new public records, and accounts impacted by bankruptcy.

Automatic Credit Monitoring Alerts

You will receive automatic notifications if any changes occur to any of your 3 credit reports.

You can choose to receive daily email alerts or weekly mailed alerts, plus you can request to only receive customized alerts for select credit report activities.

Once you receive an alert, you can verify if the change to your credit report is correct or dispute it immediately if it’s fraudulent.

Identity Theft and Credit Repair Assistance

In the event of identity theft, Chase Identity Protection provides a personal case manager who will help you investigate, report, and resolve any inaccuracies.

You’ll also have access to trained representatives who can help you initiate and facilitate disputes of any accuracies discovered through your credit report or daily monitoring.

$100,000 in Identity Theft Insurance

Chase Identity Protection provides $100,000 in identity fraud reimbursement insurance for eligible expenses including: pre-approved legal defense fees and expenses; costs for re-filing loan applications; costs for notarizing documents, long-distance phone calls, and postage; and lost wages of up to $1,000 per week for up to 5 weeks.

Low Monthly Service Fee with No Commitment

The low monthly membership fee of $11.99 will automatically be billed each month after the trial period expires.

You can cancel your membership at any time and receive a full refund of the most recently billed membership fee.

Chase Identity Protection is available to anyone, as you do not need to be a current Chase customer to sign up for the Chase Identity Protection services.

Chase Identity Protection services offer instant online access to your credit scores and credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus as well as 24/7 credit monitoring services to help protect you against identity theft and credit fraud with a low monthly fee.


  1. Michael Kaminski says

    What causes a change in my credit report? If someone were to take out a credit card or loan using my social security number would I be notified immediately or would it not show up until they defaulted on the payments months later? Please let me know so I can make sure my subscription gives me the protection I’m looking for.

  2. says

    Hello Michael,

    If someone were to take out a credit card or loan using your social security number, then the lender or bank would pull your credit report during the application process to check your credit history, which would result in credit inquiry on your credit report.

    This credit inquiry or credit check would result in a detectable change to your credit report, as credit inquiries are recorded in your credit reports, and this change would be immediately reported to you by the credit monitoring service.

    For example, if someone applies for a credit card in your name, the bank would check your credit report, and this credit report inquiry would be detected by the credit monitoring service and immediately reported back to you.

    Once you have been alerted to the fraudulent activity, the credit monitoring service would also help you investigate, report, and resolve any identity theft issues.

    So in theory, you would be able to detect any attempts at opening credit in your name, and block those attempts before the identity thieves were able to receive the credit card or loan and do any real damage.

    Many other types of actions will cause credit report changes as well such as delinquent accounts, new addresses, or new public records, so you will be alerted to any such activities in your credit reports that could be a sign of identity theft.

    However, there could be a situation where thieves could use your social security number and financial information to commit crimes that wouldn’t necessarily be indicated in your credit report, such as renting a car in your name or opening up a cell phone account, so credit monitoring services are not an absolute safeguard against identity theft.

    However, they do provide protection against many cases of credit fraud and can give you some extra peace of mind.

    Hope this helps, thank you very much for reading.


  3. Doris says

    How do I report and address that is not correct on my credit report. I have never lived at one of these addresses.

  4. says

    Hello Doris,

    Please visit our article on repairing errors in your credit reports for more information on fixing credit report errors.

    The credit reporting bureaus offer online forms for reporting errors, so you may want to try that method first to see if you can have your incorrect address corrected.

    Hopefully, the incorrect address is just an error, and not a sign that an identity thief has accessed your personal information.

    If you don’t see any other errors on your credit reports, that’s a good sign, but you should contact the credit bureaus as soon as possible.

    Good luck to you. Max

  5. Skyler says

    1. I have Chase Identity Theft Protection and would like to share my experiences.
    One day, they call and ask me have I used my Chase card to purchase an airline ticket with Mexican Airline. I said “No” because I didn’t. Then rep closed my Chase card and processed replacement card with new card number. It was my lucky day.
    I had wrong information on my credit report, which is derogatory/collection account and I do not have any account with this place. When I contact them, a rep took the information and told me they will take care of it and I do not need to do anything. Just wait for the result, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks and get it in the mail. Later I received a mail, and it stated they investigated and removed that wrong information from my credit report. Chase did all work for me.
    I went for shopping and charged unusual amount on my Chase card. I contact Chase and told rep that I am making a large purchases at store A, B, and C today and tomorrow and estimate amount will be $______. Therefore, all my purchases are went through. It is important to let the bank/credit company know when you are going to charge large amount or use at unusual places and area. If not they detect it as ID Theft.
    Also I know someone who claimed to Chase, and she got reimbursement on everything she had to pay for recovery and her wage loss.

  6. Patty Eshenko says

    How do I sign up for the Chase Identity Protection program with credit monitoring and the 30 day free trial?

  7. Nancy G. Crevin says

    We are subscribers to Chase Identity protection and we wish to get information on how to access our credit scores on line for myself and my husband. Can you tell us how to do so?

  8. Karen Watkins says

    I would like to cancel the Chase Protection Plan because we just can’t afford them adding that to our payment each month. We will never get this card payed off. Thank you.

  9. George H. Day says

    I received notification from Chase Identity Protection yesterday (12/29/11). The letter is alerting me that… “activity in my credit file has been detected.Detection of activity is usually the result of an action taken such as updating an address or applying for a credit card or loan…”

    I reviewed this “Changed Credit Accounts” activity thoroughly and noticed that the “Industry” shows “Oil & National Credit Cards – National Credit Card Companies” seems to be added…
    This is my take regarding this activity: Equifax must have made a mistake in adding this industry if this name has nothing to do with Chase replacing my Chase card that was soon to expire. They are infamous for errors inputted by their clerks!
    What I know is that I received a renewal of my Chase credit card and I called in to validate it as instructed. That’s all I did. Nothing more, nothing less…
    Please call this mistake to the attention of Equifax and let me know the outcome of your investigation. Thank you.

  10. Michael C. Faber says

    I have recieved two I D protection reports about a
    bank miscellaneous bereau I D report #3707020 dated
    01-10-2013 balance $27,090. I do not understand what
    this is. Please explain. send reply to my e-mail.

  11. Glenda Senador says

    I need to find out if someone is using my Social Security number. I tried to get free credit score reports and couldn’t. I answered all the questions honestly. Thanks.

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