Discover Credit Cards To Provide Free FICO Credit Scores

Discover credit card members will soon be able to get your free FICO Credit Score on your monthly statement.

Updated 11/18/2013: You can now find more Details about getting your free FICO score on your Discover card statement each month.

Discover will provide a free FICO credit score from TransUnion on your monthly statement.

FICO credit scores are delivered only to primary card members who get a monthly statement and have an available score.

Discover Card members will get your free FICO Credit Score on your monthly statement.

This is part of the new FICO Score Open Access Program that was announced recently.

Barclaycard US and First Bankcard were the first credit card issuers to provide their customers with free FICO scores, and now Discover will join them to provide you with free FICO credit scores as well.

Unlike Barclaycard members who can access their FICO scores at any given time through their Barclaycard online accounts, Discover card members will receive free FICO scores on a monthly basis with their card statement.

More details will soon be available about the specifics, like which credit reporting bureau is being used, but watch out on your next Discover card monthly statement to see if your FICO credit score is included.

There is also a Special Discover Credit Card Bonus available right now, if you don’t already have a Discover card.

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