Equifax Free Credit Score Card to Find Out Your Credit Score Range

Equifax is offering a free credit score card to find out your credit score range from Equifax.

Get your Free Credit Score Range from Equifax with no credit card required and no further obligations.

Simply register with Equifax to receive your free credit score card.

You’ll receive free, instant online access to your Equifax credit score range with a description of key factors that are affecting your score.

You’ll also be able to see additional details about what makes up the Equifax Risk Score, what’s included in the score calculation vs. what is not included, and customized product recommendations from Equifax to help you better understand, track, and protect your credit.

You will not be required to provide credit card information, as this is not a trial of a subscription product.

The Equifax score card is absolutely free, and there is no obligation to buy other Equifax products.

You will be able to access your credit score card in your secure Equifax member center via www.equifax.com for 30 days by simply logging in.

Find out your Equifax Free Credit Score today to know your credit score range.

It’s important to understand that you will not receive your FICO score through this offer.

However, you can sign up for this Equifax Free Trial Offer to receive your FICO score with a free trial from Equifax.

You may also be interested in these additional Equifax Credit Reporting Services to learn about your credit reports and credit scores.

Request your free credit score range from Equifax today.


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