Equifax Identity Report for Sharing Identity Report Details

The Equifax Identity Report helps you share your identity report and background information with others to help build trust and establish your financial record.

Equifax Identity Reports allow you to provide others with a snapshot of your identity and financial record for verification purposes.

Sharing your Identity Report can help you add financial credibility and establish your personal identity for landlords, e-commerce, “for sale by owner” transactions, employment, and much more.

Your Equifax Identity Report costs only $9, which can be paid by either yourself or the person who is requesting your information, depending on your arrangement and who initiates the Identity Report.

Equifax Identity Reports include a detailed identity verification report, your Equifax Credit Score Card which provides a high-level credit summary and credit score range, unlimited ability to share your identity report snapshot for free for 30 days, and a copy of your Equifax Credit Report.

Equifax Identity Reports for Consumer Sharing

Identity Reports from Equifax are perfect for sharing your personal and financial background during transactions both online and offline.

You simply register to order your Identity Report, and then review your report to decide whether you want to share it with someone else.

If you decide to share your report, Equifax will notify the recipient on your behalf and authenticate them before they are allowed to access your information.

You always stay in control of your Shared Reports from the Equifax Member Center.

Equifax Identity Reports for Verifying Backgrounds

Equifax Identity Reports are perfect if you are a landlord or employer who wishes to verify the background of potential tenants or employees.

Reviewing someone’s Identity Report can save time and hassles by knowing if each individual is a viable candidate before giving further consideration.

You can decide who will pay for the Identity Report, either you or the prospect you wish to verify, and you simply send a Report Request to the prospect through Equifax.

Send a request for an Equifax Identity Report today through the simple online request form.

Equifax Identity Reports are a great way to share credit profiles and identity backgrounds before engaging in serious financial or personal transactions

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Take advantage of the Equifax Identity Report to help share your personal background and financial history during potential transactions.

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