FICO Standard Promotional Code for 10% Discount Off FICO Score and Credit Report from is currently offering a FICO Standard promotional code for a 10% discount off your FICO credit score and credit report, valid through May 15, 2010.

Order FICO Standard with the myFICO promo code MAY15 to save 10%.

This promotion may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

The 10% discount is applied to the full product price.

FICO Standard Includes:

1. Your FICO score from your choice of Equifax or TransUnion.

You’ll get a full explanation of your FICO score as well as factors that may be affecting your score.

FICO Standard also provides you with a view of how lenders see your specific FICO score when making lending decisions.

2. The FICO score simulator.

Your FICO score simulator analyzes your personal credit information and can help you understand the impact of any of your future actions such as paying off a credit card or opening a new account.

3. Your credit report from your choice of Equifax or TransUnion.

Each credit report contains information on your credit accounts, a listing of those companies accessing your credit file, and more.

myFICO will also flag any accounts that are hurting your FICO score.

Order FICO Standard today for a 10% discount with the myFICO code MAY15.

Read our myFICO Credit Services Review for more options to monitor your FICO credit score and credit reports.

You can also save 20% Off the Suze Orman FICO Kit with code SUZEFKP.

Take advantage of this 10% myFICO FICO Standard promotional offer to save on your FICO credit scores and credit bureau reports.

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