Get Free Credit Monitoring at Equifax for 3 Months

Identity Guard is currently offering free credit monitoring of your Equifax credit bureau file for 3 months, with no commitments or cancellation requirements.

Identity Guard provides various identity theft protection services including credit monitoring and Internet monitoring as well as access to credit reports and credit scores.

Plus, you can get 3 months of free credit monitoring when you sign up through the Identity Guard refer-a-friend program, and you don’t even need to receive an actual referral from a current member.

The 3 month free trial offers daily monitoring of your Equifax credit bureau file with email alerts when any changes are detected. Identity Guard will also set fraud alerts at the 3 major credit bureaus to help guard you against credit fraud. Plus, you’ll get access to toll-free customer service.

You do have to provide personal information when you sign up for the free trial, including your credit card information, but this information is only used to verify your identity and monitor your credit files.

They will NOT CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD at the end of your 3-month trial.

Unless you choose to extend your service, your trial membership will automatically expire at the end of the 3 months, and you will not be billed.

Although this service does not monitor all 3 credit bureaus, it’s an excellent option to get free daily credit bureau monitoring for 3 months, and single-bureau credit monitoring is better than nothing.

The Identity Guard Refer-A-Friend program is available to anyone, members and non-members, and you can even refer yourself, so everybody can take advantage of this offer.

There is no limit on who can refer whom or on how many referrals you can make, although you may not be able to receive multiple free trials, but further information isn’t available to confirm this.

Visit the Identity Guard Free Trial Sign Up Link to sign up for free credit bureau monitoring today.

This is the official email referral link, in case you don’t want to take 2 seconds to refer yourself. Either way, no compensation is received for providing a referral, even if the customer goes on to pay for further services, so the only benefit is the free trial.

If you are serious about monitoring your credit, then you should consider paying for 3-bureau credit monitoring from Identity Guard, which also includes Internet monitoring and access to your credit reports and scores.

Read our Identity Guard Review for more information on the services they provide for protecting your identity.

Take advantage of this 3 month trial offer for free credit monitoring to help protect your identity and prevent credit fraud.

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