ID Watchdog Identity Protection Services 10% Discount and Free Trial Offer

ID Watchdog provides identity theft protection and credit fraud prevention services including credit monitoring services to monitor your personal data and financial information for fraudulent activity as well as identity theft resolution services to clear your good name in the event that you become a victim of identity theft while you are an ID Watchdog member.

ID Watchdog is currently offering a 10% discount off their credit protection services, and you can try ID Watchdog risk-free with their no-obligation trial period for 30 days.

With the ID Watchdog discount for 10% off credit monitoring services, you’ll pay only $17.95 per month for full identity protection (regularly $19.95 before 10% discount), or save even more money on annual or 3-year subscriptions.

ID Watchdog offers 3 basic levels of protection, including ID Watchdog Plus, ID SnapShot, and ID Rehab, which are all included in your monthly subscription plan.

Hopefully, you’ll only ever need ID Watchdog Plus, which provides full identity protection and credit data monitoring services, but the other 2 options are available if you ever become a victim of identity theft while you are a member of ID Watchdog Plus, or if you are currently a victim of identity theft, and you need to hire ID Watchdog for credit repair and identity theft resolution assistance.

ID Watchdog Plus Credit Monitoring Services

When you first become a member of ID Watchdog, they take initial steps to verify your identity, for which there is a one-time fee of $1.95.

Once ID Watchdog has verified your identity, they perform a complete baseline identity profile for you that includes an overview of your publicly available information including names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information that is associated with your personal identity, against which they will compare results from future searches.

To create this baseline identity profile, ID Watchdog searches a variety of databases including credit records, public records, checking account records, DMV records, medical reports, social security ID records, national security watch lists, criminal records, court records, real estate records, telephone companies, utility companies, insurance companies, government databases, the Internet, and more.

After ID Watchdog compiles your baseline identity profile, they allow you to review this information to verify that everything is accurate and there are no major discrepancies that may indicate your identity has already been compromised.

Once you verify your information, ID Watchdog places this information on record to compare against future searches of those same databases.

Then, each month thereafter, ID Watchdog performs a new search of their databases for any new information that may have surfaced relating to your personal identity, such as address changes or new loan accounts.

ID Watchdog then ask you to verify any new information that is found to rule out possible identity theft, or if no new information is found, ID Watchdog notifies you that your identity is secure.

ID Watchdog Plus continues to monitor your credit data and personal identity on a monthly basis as long as you are a member, and if any changes are ever noticed that may indicate you have been a victim of identity theft, ID Watchdog will then take additional actions through their ID SnapShot and ID Rehab services.

ID SnapShot Identity Theft Analysis Services

If there’s a reason to believe your identity has been compromised, ID Watchdog compiles an ID SnapShot

Your ID SnapShot is a comprehensive report of your personal identity including addresses, phone numbers, police records, driving records, medical history, loan information, property deeds, credit reports, banking accounts, and more.

ID Watchdog then searches through your records for signs that an identity thief is using your personal information to pinpoint the specific fraudulent data, analyze the extent of the damage, and verify which agencies will need to be notified to clear your good name.

ID Watchdog will then notify you if they believe you have been the victim of identity theft and provide you with a detailed report including any actions that need to be taken.

If potential fraudulent activity is discovered in your baseline identity profile when you initially sign up for ID Watchdog, there is a fee of $99.95 to obtain the ID SnapShot for customers with pre-existing conditions.

However, your ID SnapShot is free if you ever become a victim of identity theft while you are an ID Watchdog member.

ID Rehab Credit Repair Services

If you ever become a victim of identity theft, ID Watchdog will work on your behalf to clear your good name by working with the affected institutions, filing the necessary paperwork, and taking the necessary follow-up steps.

ID Rehab will require a police report and ID Theft Affidavit to verify the specifics of the loss so that ID Watchdog can remedy the actual damages, and you will need to sign a limited Power of Attorney, which will permit ID Watchdog’s resolution agents to act on your behalf with the agencies that control your identity records.

ID Watchdog will repair all damages that appear in your police report and ID Theft Affidavit and take whatever steps are necessary until you are no longer held responsible for the actions of an identity thief, including writing all letters and following up on your behalf.

For new ID Watchdog customers who have been perpetrated by an identity thief prior to signing up for ID Watchdog, there is a $79.95 fee per fraudulent incident for ID Rehab services.

However, ID Rehab services are absolutely free if you ever become the victim of identity theft or credit fraud while you are an ID Watchdog member.

30-Day Trial Period

The first 30 days of service under the monthly plan are free with the ID Watchdog free trial offer.

If you terminate your ID Watchdog services within the first 30 days, you will have no further obligations to ID Watchdog.

If you do not cancel your services during the 30-day trial period, you will be charged $17.95 per month thereafter (including the 10% discount).

However, the $1.95 identity verification fee charged when you first sign up for ID Watchdog credit monitoring services is nonrefundable.

You can also sign up for an annual subscription or 3-year subscription and save even more money in addition to the 10% discount promotion on ID Watchdog services.

10% Discount on ID Watchdog Credit Monitoring Services

Save 10% on ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection when you sign up now and get full identity theft prevention and credit fraud protection services.

Join ID Watchdog today to prevent identity theft with full credit monitoring services or to repair your credit record if your identity has been stolen.


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    i never signed up for watchdog, yet there are a whole list if watchdog activity and profile ifs on my phone. Iphone6plus. Please explain and advise

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