Lexington Law Couple’s Discount $50 Off Credit Repair Set-Up Fee for Spouses

The Lexington Law Couple’s Discounts offers $50 off the set-up fee for your spouse when you both sign up for Lexington Law credit repair services.

Lexington Law is a full-service credit repair and consumer advocate law firm that can help remove negative and questionable items from your credit reports at the 3 major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Just sign up for Lexington Law credit repair services at the regular price, and your spouse will receive a $50 discount off the set-up fee when they also sign up for Lexington Law credit fixing services.

In order to receive the $50 Lexington Law discount, you must first complete the sign-up process for your credit repair services on your own, as this offer applies to 2 separate accounts and not a joint account.

Once you complete your sign-up process, your spouse must follow the provided instructions to sign up with Lexington Law, and the $50 discount will be automatically applied to your spouse’s case.

The normal set-up fee for Lexington Law services costs $99.95, so your spouse will get their account with a set-up fee of only $49.95 after the $50 discount, but you’ll both be required to pay the regularly monthly charges depending on which credit repair plan is selected.

Simply click on any “Sign Up” button on the Lexington Law website, and you’ll see information on Lexington Law’s Couple’s Discount listed just below the personal information form.

Take advantage of this Lexington Law promotion to save $50 off the set-up fee for Lexington Law credit repair services when both you and your spouse sign up to improve your credit rating.

Read our full review on Lexington Law Credit Repair Services to find out how Lexington Law can help clean up your credit and improve your credit score.


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