LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention 10% Discount Offer and 30 Days Free

LifeLock identity theft prevention is currently offering a 10% discount and 30 days free for identity protection services, which is a great way to save money while protecting your identity from credit thieves.

LifeLock helps protect your identity and prevent credit fraud with the following services:

1. Maintains fraud alerts on your credit reports at the 3 major credit bureaus.

2. Monitors your personal identity activity on the Internet.

3. Monitors your identity for any false address changes.

4. Provides stolen wallet assistance services.

5. Removes your name from junk-mail lists.

6. Provides you with your 3 credit reports each year to monitor your credit report activities.

LifeLock also provides $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance to repair your good name if your identity is ever stolen while you are a LifeLock member.

Sign up for LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention now, and you’ll get a 10% discount plus 30 days free when you enter either of the promotional codes RD4 or RD36 during checkout.

The LifeLock links in this article will already have the LifeLock promo code CJ applied during checkout, which offers a 10% discount only, but make sure you enter the LifeLock promotional codes RD4 or RD36 during checkout to receive the additional 30 days free.

LifeLock Promo Code Savings

When you enter either of the promo codes RD4 or RD36 during checkout, you’ll get the following LifeLock savings:

Monthly Plan – Only $9 per Month, you save $1, plus 30 days free (Add your kid for only $2.25).

Annual Plan – Only $99 per Year, you save $21, plus 30 days free (Add your kid for only $22.50).

Join LifeLock Now to guard your identity from credit fraud thieves and prevent identity theft.

Check out our LifeLock Services Review for more information on how LifeLock can help protect your identity.

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Take advantage of LifeLock identity theft services to prevent credit fraud and guard your personal data against identity thieves.

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