myFICO Credit Products 30% Promo Code Expires March 31, 2010

The myFICO promotional code for 30% off all myFICO credit products is ending March 31, 2010, so take advantage of this discount while it’s still available.

You’ll save 30% Off All myFICO Credit Products with the myFICO coupon code myFICOis9.

This is a great opportunity to get cheap FICO credit scores as well as credit reports and other credit services.

After this offer expires, you can still save 20% Off the Suze Orman FICO Kit when you use the promo code SUZEFKP, as this is an ongoing offer.

Check out our Credit Services Review for more information on the credit products that are offered by myFICO.

Use the myFICO promo code today to get a 30% discount during the myFICO 9th Anniversary Sale.

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