Marriott Kids Golf-4-Free and Family Golf Festival Days at Marriott Golf Courses

Marriott Golf Courses are offering Kids Golf-4-Free and Family Golf Festival promotions to inspire young people to golf at Marriott Golf Properties.

Kids Golf-4-Free

Marriott Kids Golf-4-Free allows kids that are 15 years old and under to play for free after 3 P.M. when accompanied by a full paying adult.

This offer is available 365 days a year at participating Marriott Golf Clubs.

The 1 free round per kid is valid for each full paying adult.

Kids Golf-4-Free also enables kids to receive a free golf lesson when accompanied by an adult who is taking a fully paid golf lesson from a Marriott Golf instructor.

Both golf lessons must be taken at the same time with the same instructor.

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Family Golf Festival

Marriott Family Golf Festival days offer free golf activities and golfing instructions.

These 1-day family golf events are designed to encourage families and children to learn and play the game of golf together.

Family Golf Festivals take place throughout the year at premier Marriott Golf Properties around the world.

Visit Marriott Golf Courses to enjoy free family golfing events and free kids golfing throughout the year.

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Enjoy free golfing for your kids and family golf days at Marriott Golf Courses.

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