Ticketmaster Ticket Fee Class Action Settlement – No Action Required

If you bought tickets from www.ticketmaster.com between October 21, 1999, and February 27, 2013, and you paid money to Ticketmaster for an Order Processing Fee (OPF) that was not fully refunded, you may be entitled to discount codes to use toward future ticket purchases.

You must have been a resident of the U.S. at the time of your purchases, and there is a UPS Subclass for the settlement as well for those who purchased UPS delivery in connection with your purchase of tickets at Ticketmaster.com.

You do not have to take any actions if you qualify, as Ticketmaster will automatically send you the discount codes via email if you are a qualifying member, but you should update your email address at the Ticketmaster Settlement Website before the final approval hearing on January 13, 2014, if it has changed.

If you qualify, you will receive a $2.25 discount code for each ticket purchased for up to a maximum of 17 discount codes, plus UPS Subclass members will receive a $5 discount code toward your next UPS delivery charge on Ticketmaster.com for up to a maximum of 17 UPS discount codes.

Allegedly, Ticketmaster’s description of their fees misled customers by indicating that they were necessary to cover Ticketmaster’s costs for processing orders, but the fees were really unrelated to the actual costs of processing orders, and they were only designed to generate profits.

I’ve been complaining privately about Ticketmaster’s fees for years, so this will be somewhat of a personal redemption for me if I actually receive some discount codes, even though I would prefer my money back in cash payments.


  1. Sun says

    This is bs. I’m not going to give any more money to Ticketmaster. I have been boycotting them for over 20 years for ridiculous fees unrelated to concerts.

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