US Open Tennis Championships 2013 $10 Off $20 American Express Sync Promotion

American Express card members can get a $10 statement credit on a $20 onsite purchase at the 2013 US Open Tennis Championships from August 26th to September 13, 2013.

Just Tweet #AmexUSOpen to get $10 back on a purchase of $20 or more made onsite at the US Open with your synced American Express card.

Registration is limited and expires on September 13, 2013.

Check out the Details of this promotion for more information.

I found this offer available through AMEX Twitter Sync, but it may also be available through Link Like Love or via your online card account.

There are also a variety of other American Express Sync Promotions available right now if you are an AMEX card member.

Take advantage of this offer for a $10 statement credit on $20 in spending if you plan on attending the US Open.


  1. Chun Lim says

    At US Open tennis site;
    1. On 8/29/13, I purchased $251.60 worth of merchandize. American Express booth told me that I will get $50 e-gift certificate from Ralph Lauren. Also, I was told if I spend another $50 I will get another $50 e-gift certificate. I received one $50 e-gift certificate from Ralph Lauren.

    2. On 8/30/13, I spent another $58 on merchandize hoping I will get 2nd $50 e-gift certificate. However, Ralph Lauren is not giving me another $50 e-certificate. They said one gets $50 e-gift certificate for every $150 spent per day. This is not what American Express booth at US Open Tennis told me. Can you please verify and help me Thanks. Chun Lim

    • says

      Hello Chun,

      I tried contacting American Express to see if I could get a clarification for this promotion, and I’ll post it here if I receive a response.

      I otherwise couldn’t find the terms online anywhere for the 2013 version of this promotion, although I did find the 2012 terms still posted online, but they may be different.

      My understanding of what American Express is saying is that you can redeem $150 in spending receipts for a $50 Ralph Lauren eGift Card each day, but not necessarily that you have to make the $150 in purchases during each day, so if you had $251.60 in spending from the first day, you could make $50 more in spending the next day to be over $300 in total, which would allow you to get 1 $50 Ralph Lauren eGift Card for each $150 in purchases (2 eGift Cards altogether from $300 in spending total).

      However, Ralph Lauren is saying that you must have $150 in spending during each day that you want to receive the $50 eGift Card, and not just $150 in total from multiple days.

      I do believe that there is a limit of 1 eGift Card per day, but AMEX is saying that you can carry over spending from multiple days to reach the $150 tier while Ralph Lauren is saying that the $150 in purchases must be made in a single day.

      This is a tough one, because if there is confusion between the two companies in regards to the terms of the deal, then it makes it extra tough for the customer to deal with both companies at once.

      If Ralph Lauren is ultimately responsible for issuing the eGift Cards, then it may come down to what their policy states in the end.

      You might want to try to contact American Express directly in regards to this, and then forward the American Express response to Ralph Lauren (if it’s in your favor) to see if Ralph Lauren will honor what American Express is stating.

      Otherwise, you can then see if American Express will honor the promotion by providing you with a $50 credit or something, although I don’t think that will be likely, but at least American Express may contact Ralph Lauren to clarify the offer and help you get your bonus.

      I’m assuming that you brought your receipts totaling the second $150 on your second day to the American Express booth in order to redeem them for your 2nd Ralph Lauren eGift Card, as that was probably required, just like you did on the first day.

      I wrote more about the terms of the Ralph Lauren AMEX US Open promo at the below link:

      I hope this helps and please let us know the results of your issue.

      Thanks for commenting, Max

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