$15 eBay Certificate for Free via Facebook for Joining eBay Russia Group

Anyone can get a free $15 eBay.com certificate for joining the eBay Russia group and adding an app to your Facebook account.

How To Get $15 eBay Certificate

1. Just visit this eBay Global Page.

2. Click on the Russian flag on the bottom of the page.

3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, email address, and eBay user ID in the registration fields.

4. Click the red button to add the Facebook app to your account.

You should receive your $15 eBay certificate within 21 days.

All of the writing is in Russian, but it’s a pretty basic registration page, so it isn’t too hard to get your $15 eBay certificate.

You can find a mention of this offer on The Runet, a Russian Internet industry website.

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Get a free $15 eBay.com certificate to add a Facebook app to your account.


  1. Devon says

    Seems to work for me. I used Google Translate to translate the popup message which said Congratulations! My reward will be shipped in 21 days. Thanks!

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