Bing Rewards Member Levels Offer Bonus Credits and Special Savings

The Bing Rewards program offers members the opportunity to earn Silver and Gold level status for bonus credits and special savings on rewards.

The Bing Rewards Levels include standard membership, Silver Level, and Gold Level status.

Once you reach each of the Bing Rewards Levels, you’ll receive free bonus credits or rewards redemption discounts.

The Bing Rewards program is free to join and earn participation credits toward a variety of rewards.

Standard Bing Rewards Membership

The standard Bing Rewards membership allows you to earn credits for searching with Bing as well as for participating in Daily offers.

You can then redeem your Bing Rewards credits for a variety of rewards including gift cards and more.

You may also be able to participate in the Bing Rewards Referral Program to earn additional bonus credits when you refer your friends.

Silver Bing Rewards Level

You can reach the Silver Level when you complete the Welcome to Rewards and Welcome to Bing tours, pick a reward and set it as your goal, and earn 200 lifetime credits.

You’ll receive a 1-time 50 credit bonus when you reach Silver status.

Earning Silver Level status in Bing Rewards should be pretty easy to achieve, plus it offers a nice 50 credit bonus, which you can then use toward your first reward.

Gold Bing Rewards Level

You can reach the Gold Level when you redeem credits for Your First Reward, earn 750 lifetime credits, and perform 150 rewardable Searches each month with a limit of up to 20 per day.

Gold Level members receive up to a 5% credit discount on Microsoft Points, up to a 5% credit discount on Xbox Gold subscriptions, and up to a 10% credit discount on all other rewards.

Maintaining Gold Level status requires that you meet the minimum monthly search requirement, and in the event that you don’t meet this minimum in the space of a calendar month, you will lose your Gold status at the end of that month and move back to Silver status.

However, as soon as you meet that minimum number of searches during the month, you will regain your Gold status.

The 10% credit discount on rewards offered to Gold Level members is a decent benefit, but it’s unfortunate that you don’t earn a free credit bonus for achieving Gold status, plus it’s more difficult to maintain, unless you specifically use for most of your Internet searches throughout the day.

Take advantage of the Bing Rewards program, plus earn additional bonus credits and rewards discounts when you reach the Silver and Gold levels.

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