DIRECTV CINEMA Free Pay Per View Movie Credit

DIRECTV CINEMA is currently running a $4.99 cash back promotion when you buy any 2 DIRECTV CINEMA movies through September 30, 2011.

Just rent any 2 Pay Per View movies from DIRECTV CINEMA by September 30, 2011, and you’ll receive a $4.99 bill credit with mail-in redemption required.

Check out DIRECTV CINEMA for more details on this free movie promotion.

This offer is available to current residential DIRECTV customers with accounts in “good standing” in DIRECTV’s sole discretion.

Once you order the movie, you will automatically receive a DIRECTV MOVIE MONEY certificate by mail.

This DIRECTV MOVIE MONEY certificate offer is valid for 1 DIRECTV CINEMA movie bill credit of $4.99.

Mail-in redemption is required to receive your DIRECTV CINEMA movie bill credits.

There is a limit of 1 $4.99 DIRECTV MOVIE MONEY certificate per customer.

You must allow 8 to 10 weeks after DIRECTV CINEMA purchases for delivery of your DIRECTV MOVIE MONEY certificate.

This offer excludes HOME PREMIERE purchases.

If you are not a current DIRECTV customer, you can get a DIRECTV $100 Referral Bonus when you order DIRECTV satellite television services.

Take advantage of this DIRECTV CINEMA free movie rebate offer to watch a free DIRECTV PPV movie.



    ACCT# 11513552

  2. Jamie Quattro says

    How can I get free gift movie credits to watch chan. 125-199. No luck with remote,and has so darn manysites except on how to get movie I want to watch. Chan 171 Disney,s Christmas Carol. Keep It simple!!!

  3. Dolores Merrille says

    I also received loyal custumer free movie credit and I today would like to see the “american” on my tv –but I don’t know how to achieve this –please help thankyou

  4. Dolores Merrille says

    Dear sirs I also received a loyal custumer free movie —but I want to see”The American” but I don’t really know how to get the movie. please help me Today thankyou

  5. cheryl nadler says

    is my free offer still good for 1 movie acct@ 050849286?? also i’m in medford,oregon & no fox is direct still trying to to bargin?? thanks for the info bck.

  6. Raymond Miller says

    I feel like an idoit because I can’t access your website for the movie credit. Let me know what I’m doing wrong!

  7. joelle says

    I am sighing up for your free gift.for direttv cinema movie credit.account #075568741.not a sure im doing this right.

  8. Terri Zumwalt says

    Not sure where to go on this site to recieve my free
    move credit for being a loyal customer. Could you please help me??

  9. Dominic Contreras says

    Why do you people send me a card stating that I am such a good customer,I am being given three free movies. I have tried to use my remoet per your instructions, that didn’t work, so then I tried going on line. Your second choic, I still can’t get the free movies. I am starting to get a little concerned that your promotion isn’t worth much.

    Dominic Contreras.

  10. Donna says

    I received a coupon and tried to redeem it last night. It says to download and order the movie. Once it’s ordered you can watch it. It says that the movie charge will be on my bill, but once I mail the coupon in it will credit the cost. The problem is that it won’t allow me to put it on my bill, it asks for my debit card or checking account number when I try to order. Does not give the option to put it on our bill. I called and customer service said if she activated the movie it would cost me $5.00 more. I told her, I would like to do it myself, but if I order it and pay for it with my debit card/checking account and it shows on my bill as well, I will be paying for it twice. She said we’d credited for the $4.99 for the charge on the bill instantly, but that they would not issue me a credit when I sent in the coupon….I tried to get thru her head that I would actually be paying for the movie, if they charged me on the statement and it was on charged me my debit card as well,if they only credited it to me once, this would not be a free movie. She finally got my point, but did not know how to fix it. I think she was going to activate it for us, but I thought….it might cost me $5.00 more…..this took forever to explain to her about 2 charges and one credit. I did not want to have to explain that if a $5.00 charge showed up on my billing for her activating it, I’d be upset. Odds are this would happen and I’d have to deal with it. Finally my husband and I said….forget it, it’s just to hard to do this. Strange thing is that when he went to work today a co-worker had been trying to get a movie using the coupon and he and his girlfriend had a hard time. They tried for 45 minutes and still could not figure it out because the instructions on the coupon are not the same as what comes up when you order it. Why can’t they just put a code on the coupon and you enter that when you order it?? It would be alot easier. It’s just not worth the risk doing this because if the bill is wrong, then you have to spend the time to call them and try to straighten it out and after last night, it appears their customer service people are not the brightest lights on the tree. It’s just not worth it….I’ll wait until it comes on a movie channel or rent it thru Redbox.

  11. Anthony says

    Save us both $100 on our Directv Bills.$10 off for 10 months. Order online at or call 1-800-507-4045 and give them my account number 083111639 ,the account is under A. Moss. If you call, Be sure and use the 800 # listed here, this is a special 800# for referral discounts. We have been Directv customers for almost three years and LOVE Directv! We appreciate anyone who uses our account.

  12. Ray Masten says

    Ad on movie screen says “as low as $4.99 BUT i CANNOT FIND THE PLACE I ORDER MY MOVIE FOR $4.99. tHEY ARE ALL 7.99 T0 11.99. aNY IDEA HOW TO ORDER THESE MOVIES?

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