General Mills Cereal e-Movie Cash Reward Program for Free Movie Ticket

The General Mills cereal e-Movie Cash rewards program is currently offering free movie admission for entering codes from 2 boxes of General Mills cereal by December 6, 2013.

Just enter 2 codes from any 2 specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal to receive your free movie ticket with e-Movie Cash rewards.

You can then print your free movie ticket certificate and take it to a participating theater to receive 1 free movie admission.

Check out this General Mills Cereal e-Movie Cash Reward Offer to get free movie admission at your local theater.

Online codes need to be entered by December 6, 2013.

This offer is valid only in the U.S.

The ticket value is up to $12.

Tickets will expire 60 days from the date that they are issued online or via email.

Take advantage of this General Mills e-Movie Cash program to get a free movie ticket for your local theater.

You may also be interested in this Chase Free Movie Ticket Offer if you have a qualifying Chase credit card.

Enter the codes from 2 General Mills cereal boxes today to get free movie admission with the e-Movie Cash rewards program.


  1. Mary Alice Hite says

    Here is the genreal mills cereal e-movie cash code
    It is from a Honey Nut Cheerios Box

  2. chris alvelo says

    here is the general mills cereal e-movie cash code

  3. Norma Trowers says

    The general mills movies cash states that this promotion is over, however the box states that online contest has terminared. But the box of cereal is stating that you can still get the free movie online,
    the Deadline on the box is December 6, 2013. Is this correct? I have my codes, is the dealine correct or not?

  4. Norma Trowers says

    Here are my general Mills cereal e-movie cash code

  5. carol loce says

    can it be a that this company is creating a false advertisement, how do I get my movie tickets. I will take this cereal back to wegmans and let them deal with it.

  6. Robert DeMoss says

    Have 2 Cheerios boxes with codes for movie ticket. Box says Online Codes need to be entered by December 6 2013, but web site says this has expired. Please verify. Codes. K737-08K7P-234WT and 55M4-04P10-373WT

  7. AUDREY BURNS says

    November 20, 2012 at 6:30 PM
    I have 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch boxes for movie tickets. Box says online codes need to be entered by December 6, 2013, but web site says this has expired. Please verify codes. T10H8-T1452-3K5K and T10X8-R5HOH-1M88. Can it be this company is creating false advertisement, How do I get my movie tickets? I will take my cereal back to Krogers and let them deal with it.

  8. Essie says

    I have the same as Robert DeMoss with Cheerios codes for free movie tickets, and expiration Dec. 6, 2013. How do I enter these codes and are they valid?

  9. ray henault says

    How do i enter my codes for free movie tickets? your site says promotion over yet date on cereal boxes say Dec. 6 2013???

  10. says

    Hello everybody,

    The above article has been updated with the new promotional dates.

    The promotional link in the above article has also been updated.

    You can simply click on the first link in the above article to enter your codes and redeem this offer.

    Thank you and good luck. Max

  11. UNcle says

    Okay i bought the cereal and entered my codes. Then i choose the email option for my movie pass. It has been 2 days and i still havent recieved an email. Yes I check the spam box. What do I do??

  12. Christine says

    This should be easy but it is not. The box or line to enter the 2 codes should be very apparent but it is not. It seems to me that this ad was designed so people would just give up. I’ve bought Cinnamon Toast Crunch for years but I bought it for the last time yesterday. Should have been fun; instead was frustrating!

  13. Imalea says

    I have used about 15 tickets from these codes, they are awesome! I don’t understand the problem that some people are having with the website. It says on the box and that has taken me right to the place to put in the codes (select english first). With a family of 5 this is the only way we can afford to go to the movies and the kids love it. Can’t wait until they do this again. Don’t forget to use your snipping tool so you don’t have to print the entire color heavy page, you just need the ticket part, saves ink.

  14. JOANN REYES says

    the page to put the code on dont come on so here is my code please send to my email so i can print it how long is the coupont good for (T37P3-M185M-4074) AND (T3430-02P42-747K) THIS IS MY TO CODE FROM LUCKY CHARMS WHEN THE MOVIS I LIKE COME OUT WE WILL GO N SEE IT ALOHA JOANN REYES

  15. Rose says

    Hi, I just have one code and they have to be entered by tomorrow! Does anyone have one they don’t want, or can you use mine? I’ve used these cereal codes for movies many times and they are great! Thanks!

  16. Ricky Douillard says

    Hi I’ve tryed going to the link and entering some of the codes you guys enterd but all of them are invaild besides I think the promotions Over but if anyone has a movie ticket that there willing to Spare email it to me at Please Anyone help me out here :-(

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