Get Free Stuff from Marlboro whether You Smoke or Not

Marlboro brand cigarettes, brought to you by the charitable folks at Philip Morris, offer you the chance to get free stuff when you sign up for the Marlboro mailing list whether you are a smoker or not.

As long as you’re 21 or older and reside in the United States, you can sign up for the Marlboro mailing list and get free stuff including a wide range of merchandise and event packages.

You’ll have to claim to be a smoker in order to be eligible to register and receive access to events, but after all of the untruths that Philip Morris has told the American public over the years, I’m sure they’ll forgive this little white lie if you don’t actually smoke.

Visit to sign up for the Marlboro mailing list and gain access to exclusive offers from Marlboro.

I’ve personally received some great free stuff since I’ve joined the Marlboro mailing list including a tent, a guitar, a Zippo lighter, and various ashtrays as well as invitations to special events such as the Marlboro Racing School, an Indy race, and a private concert from Marc Anthony, plus they give you tons of free stuff at these events and provide VIP access.

Sign up for the Marlboro mailing list to get access to the real benefits of being a smoker, which are the freebies that cigarette companies offer their customers in exchange for blowing smoke.


  1. John says

    Yea everyone gettin free awesome stuff i have gotten a lighter case a zippo and an ashtray thats about it every once in awhile NOT OFTEN i get some coupons

    • Mike"sonny" says

      If u login every month on the first…u can get coupons! Or use your phone and get coupons on your phone…then they will give u alittle time to go 2 the store and use your phone as a coupon

  2. Echo says

    I am not trying to complain or anything but I haven’t received much of anything from Marlboro except a rubber ashtray & that was a yr or two ago. I am wanting to know how to get the free zippo torch that Marlboros giving away. PLEASE let me know. Thx

  3. says

    Hello Echo,

    Sorry you haven’t received anything remarkable up to this point, but be patient, I’m sure you’ll get a good surprise soon.

    There’s nothing in particular that you can do to receive certain Marlboro freebies, but just keep an eye out for their letters in the mail as well as their emails if you signed up for email announcements.

    Whenever I receive something like a contest announcement, I make sure I sign up and participate as much as possible, because I figure this keeps me on their list of active participants, which might make me more likely to receive more and better offers in the future.

    There are no guarantees that you’ll get anything when you sign up to be on the Marlboro mailing list, but if you’re patient, something good always seems to come along just when you forget to expect it.

    Good luck to you.


  4. says

    I have never got anything free i would love to get free stuff from you guy’s!! i smoke your brand and your brand only so it would be nice!
    Thanks ashley

  5. Tom says

    You are stating that you are a smoker when you sign up for this. It could possibly raise an issue if they sell their mailing lists and you life insurance copy ends up buying it.

  6. Marlboro Fan says

    I have been smoking since I was a junior in High School.
    I have always loved the flavor of Marbs. Thanks!!!
    Do I get anything free from this?

  7. joe says

    i only smoke Marlboro Lights/Gold as they are called now. Won’t try any other brand. How can i get free coupons sent to me?

  8. JAIME says


  9. suzy says

    I love marlboro special blends the red pack! Sometimes i get the black pack. But yeah their the best! And i appreciate the coupons i get in the mail it really helps cuz u know cigs arent cheap. But its all good thanx Marlboro and Max!!!!!!!

  10. jeff king says

    I have been a marlboro only smoker since 1973.I used to get some calenders every year with amazing pictures on them. They were really very cool. They had some one of a kind pictures on them. If you would check your archives you would know that I have been a faithfull marlboro man for many years. Just check @ see how many miles I sent in when the miles for gifts promotion was going on.I am a true marlboro man, I have the Tom Sellek mustache @ 6 horses at present.Your website has become so difficult to navigate that this may be my last attempt to contact you.I have had the same login I.D. @ password for some time now, unfortunatly I have been unable to even log-in for the past hour. Maybe It’ just gotten too complicated for an old cowboy like me. Probobly so, hell it took me quite a while to one finger type this message.Anyhow, no matter what I will always smoke marlboro.One other thing, I got some hand made Tony Lama boots when the marlboro miles were stil in effect @ if anyone could steer me in the direction of a store or website whwere I could find them again it would be greatly appreciated. They were without a doubt the best boots I ever owned. THANKS;J. King,E-MAIL.

  11. tiffany says

    i would like to get to get free coupons and gifts from you since i started smokeing i have always smoked marlboro brands and nothing els..
    thank you tiffany

  12. Rebecca Bucklen says

    We had to wright a paper in our class.
    I disagree with the mayor trying to ban smoking in public park i disagree because the farmers earn their
    life and their living on tobacco.Some of the farmers don’t know what eles to do with their life.Some of them have’s schooling and some don’t.The older one’s
    know that time are changing and the tobacco business is getting more difficult surve.The Mayor and the Government is trying to take over our personal live taking our freedom of choice away fromuse. Because i am a smoker and addicted to nick tine.Government banned
    smoking in public places indoor and now they are trying to take away our rights tosmoker outside.They dand smoker in closed in public place for health issues for none smoker people with understandable outside the smoker is less harmful than the pollution into the atmosphere from all the factories.By banning smoker from smoker in the park,accomplishes noting.Factories produce more pollutine than cigarettes.the only thing this law will accomplish infringe on our rights.It gives the Government controll over everyone and take our freedom of choice away. This country was built on freemen slowly the Government is trying to take it away and control what we can and can’t do. ( Finall Grade is A).

  13. Michelle says

    Why are these people asking for free Marlboro coupons & deals from the writer of this blog?! Hello! He’s telling you how to get good freebies! This post is simply about Marlboro freebies and he explains how to get them in the first few sentences. How are so many people clueless??

  14. mary .a. desjardins says

    thank you for the coupons please mail the coupon to me and I would like to get free stuff that would be nice

    • says

      Hello Justine,

      it’s been a long time since I’ve received any great free items from Marlboro, so I don’t know if they’re giving away as much as they used to.

      In the past, I’ve received awesome items like a free NASCAR ride-along experience and free VIP tickets to an Indy race.

      However, the most I’ve received recently is free lighters, t-shirts, and other smaller items.

      They still do a bunch of giveaways on their website and offer various prizes, but I just haven’t received anything incredible recently.

      Thanks for the comment, Max

  15. Cynthia Hesselgrave says

    I really appreciate the coupons you send to me and my sister as well. I loved it when we could get free stuff with the Marlboro miles. I was so bummed when that promotion stopped as I had collected enough miles to order two of everything in the last catalog< and I didn't get them sent in on time before the promotion ended! I had ordered in every catalog and loved the free merchandise. I still use the Marlboro bags every time I go somewhere. I have everyone you offered. Anyway, thank you Marlboro for making life a little more interesting. I look forward to checking my mail when I know something may be sent to me besides bills and junk mail.
    Thank you
    Cynthia Hesselgrave,Bend Oregon

    • BillyWee says

      YES, Log-In, Go to “View Available Coupons” and pick either $ off 2 packs or 1 carton. It resets the 1st of every month. It only takes a minute, especially since they started a 5 digit PIN Code Log-In instead of having to enter a Password & your Birthday. See my other post where I wrote how to get $1.50 off a pack coupon twice a week. GoodLuck & Enjoy!

  16. Nancy Maddox says

    Free WTF Marlboro you should be ashamed of you selfs Free B.S. We are the one that smoke we deserve something so many people tell me they never get anything for you guys come on give it up Dang ,,,,,

  17. Terry McDaniel says

    If you are gonna smoke, make it Marlboro. It’s the best, most enjoyable cigarette made.

  18. BillyWee says

    Definately used to get more stuff from Marlboro in the past, & they stopped putting “Marlboro” on stuff ages ago, I guess to not look like they’re promoting smoking. Have gotten T-Shirts, a Duffel Bag, Zippo (I think, if did, a long time ago & lost a long time ago too.) A couple years ago, got a (pretty useless) Pocket Ashtray. Recently got a Leather Luggage ID tag,and have a custom (with my initials in a design I picked) ashtray on the way. The worst is this past end of year gift they usually give, it was a purple cloth of some kind (truly unable to figure out what is was & quite a disappointment), closest in size & feel to a cloth dinner napkin! Huh? Why? It really seemed like one of the execs put up new curtains in their mansion & had a ton of left over material so they used it. It was way too soft & wrong size to be a Bandana, it was & still is (anyone know) truly baffling what it is or what it’s for other than a Dinner Napkin at a catered affair.
    The main thing for smokers, which most people miss, but saves a decent amount of money over a year is the coupons, with an account, you can get monthly (new offer starts on 1st of the month), either 2-$1.00 off a pack coupons or 1-$3.00 off a carton coupon. The other is the mobile coupon, twice a week (Sun. & Thurs.) Log-In through phone with Location & Data turned on near a store that accepts them (i.e. Royal Farms) & you get $1.50 off a pack (a barcode pops up, it’s only good for 5 minutes so time it right, & make sure the screens brightness is all the way up, that scans like any other barcode), that’s $3.00/weekx52=$156.00, plus the $3.00/month off a cartonx12=$36.00, so together, you get $192/year off, or $16/mo., not the biggest deal, but saving a couple hundred bucks a year for very little work isn’t bad either, & depending where you are, here with tax it’s about $6.00/pack, so getting 2 packs/week for $4.50 is nice. If your paying around the same & smoke a pack a day it’s around a 10% discount, again for very little effort. I think their trying to help lower the rising cost that’s mainly due to higher taxes, & to keep people from switching to a generic brand. Also, if you like the Snus, there’s plenty of coupons for that too.

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