How To Find Class Action Settlements That You Are Eligible To Claim

My Settlement Claims is a free service that helps you find claims from class action lawsuits that you may be eligible to receive.

You may be missing out on free money from class action settlement claims, just because you don’t know they exist.

Check out the My Settlement Claims service to search for your eligible claims for free. does not charge a fee, and they do not collect your personal information.

You simply complete the claim search form by selecting your past product purchases.

My Settlement Claims then takes you through a series of qualifying questions to provide you with a list of your eligible claims including details on how to proceed.

It’s free and easy to find out what class action lawsuit settlements you may be qualified to claim.

You may also wish to check if you have any Missing Unclaimed Money listed in the government database.

Take advantage of the free My Settlement Claims service to find and file claims for class action lawsuit settlements.


  1. Andrew says

    Wow, I thought these class actions only gave lawyers money and the rest of us like $1. I actually found good money here. especially skechers. Thanks.

  2. cora says

    What did you mean when said that you thought lawyers only gave like $1 but you found good money especially with sketchers cause I was suppost to be in a class action lawsuit with them

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