Lowe’s 1 Million Free Trees for Earth Day 2011

Lowe’s home improvement stores are giving away 1 million free trees for Earth Day 2011 on April 23, 2011.

Just visit your local Lowe’s stores on April 23rd to get a free tree to plant for future generations.

Check out this Lowe’s Earth Day 2011 Offer and visit your local Lowe’s store on Saturday to get your free tree.

April 22nd (Friday) is actually Earth Day, but I guess Lowe’s thought that having a huge free giveaway would be more convenient for customers on a Saturday, or else somebody ought to let them know.

The benefits of planting 1 million trees may be temporarily offset by the automotive emissions produced from 1 million people driving cars to their closest Lowe’s store, so you may want to consider riding your bike in the true spirit of Earth Day.

This is a great promotion to participate in if you have younger kids, as they can watch the tree grow over the years as they also get bigger.

I remember planting a tree from my school when I was young, and it now towers over my parents’ yard and reminds me of where both of our roots were planted.

Take advantage of this Earth Day 2011 offer by visiting your local Lowe’s store to get a free tree on April 23rd.

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Get your free tree from Lowe’s to celebrate Earth Day 2011.

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