New Jauntaroo Gift Card Game: Super Vacation Tuesday for Free Amazon Gift Card

Jauntaroo is offering a new Jauntaroo Gift Card Game called Super Vacation Tuesday for free Amazon gift cards, valid through March 9, 2012.

Jauntaroo is giving away free Amazon Gift Cards to everyone that tests out features on Jauntaroo, so you can receive at least a free $1 gift card just for participating.

When searching on Jauntaroo, you can read all sorts of information about different travel destinations, and you can then share your Dreamed About Vacation Spot with others via Facebook and Twitter.

How to Play the Game for $1 Amazon Gift Card

1. Use Jauntaroo’s Vacation Finder to search for any kind of destination you like (Beach, Casino, Mountains, City, etc.).

2. Select 1 Destination you have visited before and 1 Destination you want to visit.

3. Click the Facebook Share or Twitter Tweet logo just above the name of the destinations to post to your Facebook or Twitter page. Post it to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed.

4. Send Jauntaroo a link to your Facebook page or Twitter feed at

5. Make sure you have “Liked” Jauntaroo’s Facebook Page or followed Jauntaroo’s Twitter Page.

That is all you have to do to receive a free Amazon gift card.

Jauntaroo will check your page to see what you selected and send you an Amazon Gift Card (usually a $1 value based on previous promotions, but no amount is specifically listed for this promo).

Additional $25 Amazon Gift Card Prizes Available

As an added bonus, the person that gets the most likes on their post each day will receive a $25 Amazon Gift card.

Just post on Jauntaroo’s Facebook Page how many likes you have, if you think you’re one of the tops.

They will run this contest through Friday, March 9th with a $25 Gift Card winner each day.

Happy Super Vacation Tuesday Details

There is a limit of 1 Gift Card per Registered Facebook account in good standing.

Posts on your Facebook wall should remain until at least Sunday March 11th at 11:59 PM EST to be eligible for a gift card.

You may ask friends to “Like” your posts in order to gain more likes and win the daily $25 gift card.

To be considered for the $25 gift card, you must post your daily total on Jauntaroo’s Facebook page.

The person with the highest number of likes, as submitted on Jauntaroo’s Facebook wall and verified by Jauntaroo, will received a $25 gift card.

There is a limit of 1 $25 gift card per user.

Gift cards will be emailed no later than Wednesday, March 14th.

Check out more details on this Jauntaroo Gift Card Game to receive at least a $1 Amazon gift card.

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Participate in this Jauntaroo game to receive a free Amazon gift card.

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