Pepsi Experience Points Offers Rewards with Online Activities for Pepsi Drinkers

The new Pepsi Experience Points program offers rewards when you participate in various online activities designed for Pepsi drinkers.

Pepsi Experience Points is a loyalty rewards program that is free to join.

It allows you to earn points for everyday activities like browsing and staying active on the Pepsi website, interacting with Pepsi on Facebook and Twitter, reading Pepsi emails, and much more.

You can then redeem your Pepsi Experience Points (PXP) for various rewards, although the rewards selection is pretty slim at this time.

You’ll get 250 points just for registering, 100 points for adding your birthday, and 500 points each for connecting your social networks.

Plus, you’ll get many more points for completing other activities.

Unlike the My Coke Rewards Program, it doesn’t look like you can earn Pepsi Experience Points from any type of code on the actual Pepsi products.

Also unlike My Coke Rewards, Pepsi Experience Points has hardly any rewards available at this time.

You can get a 1-month subscription to Pandora One for 4,000 PXP, but other than that, they only have a few desktop covers and Facebook cover photos for 100 PXP each.

However, it is easy to earn a lot of points quickly with the various social activities, so if they ever add any worthwhile rewards, it should be pretty easy to earn enough points to redeem for them.

Participate in Pepsi Experience Points if you are a fan of Pepsi and want to earn some simple rewards for basic online activities.


  1. Leo says

    I consumed diet Pepsi everyday for many years now. I just found there is Pepsi promo so i registered and join in the PXP, i have two codes entered but it was rejected and unrecognized, what does this mean? It is said here that i am going to gain points by just registering but how come i haven’t receive any points at all? Anyone can give clarification here please?

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