ShopRunner Offers 1 Free Year to Amazon Prime Members

ShopRunner is offering 1 complimentary year of unlimited free 2-day shipping to Amazon Prime members, available for new ShopRunner members only.

Since Amazon Prime is Increasing its Membership Price, ShopRunner has extended this free membership offer as a 2-day shipping alternative.

This free 1-year ShopRunner membership is available exclusively for Amazon Prime members who have not yet renewed your Amazon Prime membership at the higher rate.

Just visit this ShopRunner Promotional Link to get started.

You must sign up and provide proof of your Amazon Prime membership with 24 hours.

How to submit proof of Amazon Prime membership:

1. Go to

2. Log in if necessary.

3. Click on “View printable receipt.”

4. Copy the full receipt.

5. Open a new email addressed to

6. Paste the receipt into the body of the email and hit send. Make sure to send it from your ShopRunner registered email address.

This limited time offer is available only for new ShopRunner members.

They also offer Free ShopRunner Membership for American Express Card Members, if you don’t current have an Amazon Prime membership.

You can also participate in the ShopRunner Referral Program to earn extra rewards.

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