Wrapp Social Gift-Giving Service Sends Free Merchant Gift Cards to Friends

Wrapp is a social gift-giving service that allows you to give free gift cards to your friends using your computer or smartphone.

Wrapp offers a limited number of free gift cards every day that you can send to your friends including $5 gift cards for Office Depot, Gap, Sephora, adidas, and more.

You can connect your Wrapp Account directly to your Facebook account, or you can download the Wrapp app from the App Store or Google Play.

How To Send Merchant Gift Cards with Wrapp

1. Log in to your Wrapp account on your computer or smartphone.

2. Find a friend and select that person’s image in your Wrapp account.

3. Select the free gift card offer that you want.

4. Press the Give button to send the gift card to your friend.

How To Redeem Gift Cards Received via Wrapp

Recipients will be notified of gift cards that they receive via email, Facebook, or text message when a friend sends the gift card through Wrapp.

Most gift cards that are received through Wrapp require an iPhone or Android smartphone to use.

Some gift cards can be used online only, which means that you can redeem them directly through Wrapp.com.

The gift cards that must be redeemed in person at a business require the use of the Wrapp mobile app on an iOS or Android smartphone or mobile device.

Most free gift cards are valid for 30 to 90 days after they are received.

Redeeming Wrapp Gift Card at Business

1. Open the Wrapp mobile app in your smartphone.

2. Select the Wallet tab, and select the gift card you want to redeem.

3. Press the Use in Store button, and your gift card and its barcode will display on your screen.

4. Present your smartphone to the cashier for scanning.

Redeeming Wrapp Gift Card Online

1. Select the Wallet image.

2. Choose your gift card.

3. Press the Use Online button. You’ll have 60 minutes to make a purchase.

4. Copy your gift card code info into the merchant’s purchase form as instructed.

Request Wrapp Gift Cards from Friends or MaximizingMoney.com

If you want to receive these free Wrapp gift cards, connect with some of your friends and set up a Wrapp gift card exchange.

You can also feel free to send me a friend request via Facebook, and I will be more than happy to send you the free gift card of your choice.

Just sign up for a Wrapp account, choose one of the free gift card offers that are currently available, and then leave a comment below this article or via Facebook telling me your Facebook account name and which gift card you would like to receive.

If it’s still available when I receive your message, I will be more than happy to send it along to you.

Availability of Gift Cards

You may think that these gift cards are extremely limited and generally unavailable on a daily basis.

However, there seems to be a lot of free gift cards available, either because Wrapp has a huge supply of free gift cards to give away, or possibly just because Wrapp hasn’t caught on yet in a major way.

At the time I published this article, which was around Noon on a Wednesday, Wrapp had the following free gift cards available:

  • adidas $5
  • Gap $5
  • Sephora $5
  • Office Depot $5
  • The Angry Birds Shop $5
  • OmahaSteaks.com $10
  • Fab.com $10
  • The Wall Street Journal $25
  • Warby Parker $20
  • Brooklyn Industries $5
  • Threadless $5
  • Roots $5
  • WESC $10

Take advantage of the Wrapp social network to send free gift cards to your friends.

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Sign up for a Wrapp account and exchange free gift cards with your friends today.

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