BP Visa Card Members Get Double Rebates on 22nd Each Month in 2014

You can double your BP gas station rebates on the 22nd of every month in 2014 with the BP Visa and BP Card with Pump Rewards from Chase.

If you have a BP Visa or BP Card with Pump Rewards, Chase and BP are offering double rebates for purchases at participating BP gas stations on the 22nd of every month.

That means you have 12 opportunities throughout the year to simply visit a participating BP station (not available in AL) on the 22nd of the month and use your BP card at the pump to double your rebate balance.

For example, if you have 25 cents in cents-per-gallon rebates, and you redeem your rebates on the 22nd of the month, you would receive an additional free 25 cents, increasing the available rebates to 50 cents per gallon.

By selecting Yes to redeem, you can fill up to a maximum of 20 gallons per transaction.

Any remaining rebates after your purchase will revert to the original value on the 23rd.

Check out this BP Double Up Days Promotion for additional information.

BP Double Up Days Details

BP Double Up Days Details

The double rebates will be available for redemption between 12:00 AM CT and 11:59 PM CT on the 22nd day of each calendar month of 2014.

The double rebates promotion only applies to BP Pump Rewards redeemed directly at the pump.

This promotion does not apply to statement credits.

The double rebate reward may not be combined with other offers.

This offer is not available in Alabama.

How To Redeem Cents-Per-Gallon Rebates

The BP Visa and BP Card with Pump Rewards from Chase rewards platform lets you earn “Cents-per-Gallon Rebates” on card purchases and then redeem your available rebates instantly at the pump when fueling at participating BP gas stations.

Unlike most credit cards, the BP Visa, Visa Signature, and BP Card with Pump Rewards do not require you to wait for monthly statements or to reach specific spending thresholds before redeeming rewards.

You simply swipe your card at the pump of a participating BP station and use the pump’s key pad to redeem rewards and immediately lower the price on any of BP’s 3 grades of gasoline with Invigorate.

When you use your card at participating BP stations and choose to redeem your rebates at the pump, your price per gallon will be reduced by your available rebate amount in 1 cent increments to a minimum of 10.9¢ per gallon.

This means you can never reduce your price per gallon to zero, and you’ll always have to pay at least 10.9¢ per gallon.

Rebates used to lower your price per gallon of gas at the pump are good for a 1-time fill of up to 20 gallons.

There are no rebate carryovers on purchases of less than 20 gallons.

Any fractional rebates, and any excess rebates that were not eligible to be redeemed due to the 10.9¢ minimum price per gallon will be carried forward.

However, double rebates are only available for redemption during the stated times and will not be carried forward if unredeemed.

Rebates expire at the end of 12 calendar months after the month in which the rebates are earned.

Earning Rebates with BP Cards

The rewards you earn in this program are called cents-per-gallon rebates.

Purchases made at non-BP gas stations do not earn rebates in this program.

BP Visa with Pump Rewards card members earn 15 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 ($.0015 per $1) spent at a participating BP station and 5 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 ($.0005 per $1) spent on virtually all other purchases, excluding non-BP gas station purchases.

BP Visa Signature with Pump Rewards card members earn 15 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 ($.0015 per $1) spent at a participating BP station, 10 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 ($.0010 per $1) spent on travel and at restaurants, and 5 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 ($.0005 per $1) spent on all other purchases, excluding non-BP gas station purchases.

Card members who use BP’s proprietary gasoline card with Pump Rewards will earn 5 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 ($.0005 per $1) spent at BP.

The BP Visa, BP Visa Signature, and BP Card with Pump Rewards charge no annual fee.

BP Visa with Pump Rewards Special Bonus

BP Visa with Pump Rewards Special Bonus

If you sign up for the BP Visa Card right now, you can earn a special bonus.

You’ll earn 25 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 ($.0025 per $1) in purchases made in the first 60 days, except on purchase made at non-BP gas stations.

After the first 60 days, you’ll earn 15 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 in purchases made at BP and 5 cents-per-gallon rebates for every $100 in purchase made everywhere else, except on purchase made at non-BP gas stations.

The promotional offer to earn 25 cents-per-gallon rebates for the first 60 days is valid only for first-time card members with new accounts, so previous and existing card members are not eligible.

Review these other Gas Rewards Cards as well for more savings on gasoline.

BP Gas Stations have locations throughout the U.S.A.


    • John says

      Ron- All you need to do is swipe your BP Visa at a BP station and select “Yes” when prompted to redeem rewards. Once you select “Yes”, all grades of gas will drop by the amount of rewards you earned. Pretty slick. I now use my BP Visa for all purchases and redeem my rewards on the double up days to maximize my value.

  1. says

    Hello Ron Scott,

    If you have a Chase BP gas rewards card, you should be able to redeem your rebates through your online account if you have one setup.

    Or you can setup an online account for your BP credit card at Chase.


    Otherwise, whether you have a Chase gas rebate card or any another Visa gas rewards card, your best bet for further information on redeeming rebates would be to call the telephone number listed on the back of your credit card.

    That should connect you with the credit card issuer directly, and you can request further information on redeeming your cash rebates from them.

    As far as the BP card features go, for every $25 you earn in rebates, you can have your choice of rewards:

    $25 BP Gift Cards.
    Checks made payable to you.
    Donations to The Conservation Fund, an environmental charity.

    Hope this helps and good luck to you.

  2. Linda Petersen says

    I need a phone number or address of a BP office in charge of the $10.00 Promotion that just ended. We only received one of our $10.00 gas cards and should have received two of them. Other people received them all at the same time.

  3. Linda Petersen says

    Thank you for your quick response, however, the $10.00 promotion that began 12/1/10 and ended 3/1/11 is what I am referring to. We did not receive all of our $10.00 gas cards due us. Just needed an address or phone number of someone in charge. Thank you again for any additional information if you have any.

  4. Randy D. Travis says

    I got gas sunday June 22,2014 and I had 3.80 rewards built up and gas was 3.45. I got the 20 gallons that you get. I went to the same station and got some gas and my rewards was 1.34 . That does not double and this is not the first time. I take a picture of the pump when it tells you what your reward is and what it is a day or two later. I would like to have a phone number or something so I can get this fixed. Thanks


    i m having trouble with my rebate at our bp station in hibbing mn
    this is the second time this year i did NOT get my dicount on the 22 nd of the month
    you can see i buy a LOT OF GAS plus everything else like food etc
    ALL THE GAVE ME WAS $ 2.00 off can you please help
    i also wrote to you about this thank you 6/29/2014

    • Alex Money says

      The only double rewards I have seen advertised were for 2014. I have not been able to find any double-up dates for 2015, nor have I received any notifications in snail mail or by e-mail.

    • Kenneth L. Gray says

      I have a Chase BP VISA card and have regularly bought BP Gas with “Cents per gallon” double discounts on the 22 of each month. The last two or three times, I was told (at Rickers in Indianapolis) that it was no longer on the 22nd of the month, but each Monday would be double discount day now. I have bought gas two or three times on Monday and received my double discount. Today (Monday) my two closest BP stations deny any knowledge of double discounts!
      What Gives? I understand the double was for 2014.


    • Lynn Binnie says

      Here’s the reply I received from Chase re:2015 rebates:

      Thank you for contacting Chase about double rewards.

      I would like to inform you that the offer to earn double
      rebates on the 22nd of each month is not available this
      year. We will keep you updated for any future promotions.

      If you have any further questions, please reply using the
      Secure Message Center.

      Thank you,

      David D’Souza
      Customer Service Specialist

      • Mike N says

        Without the double rebate days there really isn’t any reason to stick with this credit card. At least with the double days I could rationalize sticking with it. Now? There are much better options.

      • Nina Graff says

        oooo—- so I just stood out in -4 degrees pumping gas….. thinking that today was double up day. I had to check online when I got home because it didn’t look like it was a double day. That was a great promo… I hope they come up with something as good. BRRRRRRR. :(

  6. berach steinfeld says

    called chase and they said the double rewards will be discontinued for the meanwhile
    what it means that its flat out 3%
    if you have discover then the fiirst quarter is 5%
    if you have freedom card then the third quarter will be 5%
    any other cards offering 5% for gas?

    • Geno says

      The policy I read now states that you will receive $.05/gal discount, after purchasing $100 of gasoline.
      As an example, if I purchase $100 of gasoline, and then later purchase the full amount of gas that can be discounted, 20 gallons, I would receive $1 off.(20 gal X $0.05/gal) This is not a flat 3%. It is 1%. And that assumes you have a 20 gallon gas tank on your vehicle.
      Time for a change.

  7. Dave says

    Didn’t realize 22nd of month double reward program was discontinued
    (no email or letter from Chase)-filled up 2 family cars today (Feb 22) and
    didn’t recieve double rewards-called Chase and cust serv rep had no info or
    details..TERRIBLE way to do business-time to find something better…

  8. Joyce says

    Did the same thing Dave did and wait for the 22nd to find out there are no double points – Bring it back BP or we are out-of-here! The only reason we got the card was the tremendous savings we received with Double Points Day!

  9. Buddy says

    I liked the double up days, My business is slow so I enjoyed getting a tank of gas a lot cheaper once every 2 months.Bring it back, or some other offer please.

  10. Sharon says

    I wish you would have been as forthcoming with the information about canceling the program as you were about promoting it. Is it worth lost business because customers are upset or do you need to offer another reasonable plan to encourage business? We have been BP customers for a long time and will still be buying gas, the question is where????

  11. LouAnn Kuchera says

    Why are we having to wait until May 18th, 2015 to be advised what the “NEW” rewards will be on the Chase Visa BP card?
    I agree, you were forthright in advising about the “22nd of the month double reward at the pump for 2014”
    Now that the 22nd of each month offer is over, what will be ALL of the benefits offered to the consumer.

    Changes of such should be noted in the billing 30-60 days in advance of effective date. Hoping this will happen.

  12. Tommy Claxton says

    I was disappointed to see the double points go. All the BP stations in my area except for one has changed brands. I have been an exclusive BP/Amoco credit card user since 1970. The only reason I was still using the BP card was the double points. Now I have no reason to stay with the BP gas as I can get the same discount with another card and go to any brand pump and generally at a cheaper price.

  13. Tommy Claxton says

    Now Chase is getting out of the BP gas card. The rewards are very complicated. After 45 years of being loyal, I have moved to another card. PENFED.org has a gas rewards card that starts at 3%, can be 5% if you chose the right options, per gallon on any brand of gas. PENFED caters to anyone having connections to the military or any support organization.

  14. Jerry says

    This sucks. Had to wait for a non-wknd 22nd….which was April….and now learned no double-cents off ?? So LouAnn posted that on May 18th we will learn what BP’s new program is ? Well, thanks for that note….guess I will wait and see.

  15. KEITH WALKER says


  16. Richard Baker says

    It looks like there are no double rewards for 2015. Bp sucked us in in 2014 but apparently canceled the program for 2015.

    I’ve lost the incentive to use the card – not giving us the courtesy of a ‘notice of cancellation’ and losing the incentive of getting double reward.

    I can’t get to the shredder fast enough!

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