FuelLinks Gas Rewards Program for Gas Savings with Everyday Purchases

FuelLinks is a national gas rewards program that offers gas discounts and gas rebates when you shop at participating stores and service providers in your area.

The FuelLinks gas discount program is free to join and receive your free membership card.

You can then use your FuelLinks gas card to earn gas rebates or gas discounts when you shop at participating grocery stores, convenience stores, office supply stores, and online retailers as well as local utility providers and financial services.

You’ll either earn cash rebates toward gas purchases or per-gallon gasoline discounts, depending on which option the specific merchant offers.

You can then redeem these gas savings at participating gas stations in your area using your FuelLinks card.

Join the FuelLinks free gas rewards program to start saving money on gasoline purchases today.

Where to Earn FuelLinks Gas Discounts

Simply start making your everyday purchases at businesses that are participating in the FuelPerks program to begin earning gas savings.

You can earn FuelLinks rewards with local grocery stores, office supply stores, car dealers, banks, Internet service providers, and many more merchants as well as a huge variety of online retailers.

You can search your ZIP code on the FuelLinks.com website to find participating merchants near you where you can earn gas rebates or gas discounts.

Types of Gas Savings Available

There are 2 types of FuelLinks rewards that you can earn: Cash for Gas or Cents Per Gallon.

FuelLinks Cash for Gas Rewards

For Cash for Gas merchants, a percentage of your purchases will be rebated to you as a cash-equivalent amount that you can use to pay for fuel.

Cash for Gas rewards are earned through purchases at businesses in the auto, online, community, restaurant, and casino categories.

Cash For Gas rewards apply to any amount of fuel, and unused rewards will remain in your FuelLinks account for up to a year (or as long as specified by the issuing merchant).

FuelLinks Cents Per Gallon Rewards

The Cents Per Gallon option offers small reward amounts that combine to roll back your gasoline price per gallon at the pump.

Cents Per Gallon rewards are offered exclusively by merchants in the grocery and convenience store categories, and the Cents Per Gallon discount is based on individual item purchases.

Cents Per Gallon rewards apply to a maximum single gasoline purchase of 15 gallons.

All available Cents Per Gallon rewards in your account are applied at one time.

The minimum pump price is 20 cents per gallon.

Cents Per Gallon rewards expire 30 days after the date they are issued.

How to Redeem Your FuelLinks Rewards at the Pump

To redeem your FuelLinks rewards, you simply visit a gas station that accepts FuelLinks rewards.

You can find participating locations by ZIP code using the map on the FuelLinks.com website.

The map indicates whether the gas station location accepts Cash for Gas rewards, Cents Per Gallon, or both.

You can also keep an eye out for gasoline stations that are displaying the FuelLinks banner and other outdoor signage, or look for the FuelLinks Welcome Here sticker on the door.

You must insert your FuelLinks card in the pump along with your regular credit card, and the system will read your FuelLinks card and access your gas rewards balance.

In some locations, you must present your card to the cashier, just as you would if paying inside and/or with cash.

Then just pump the fuel you need and enjoy paying less for your gasoline purchases.

The system will discount your fuel purchase according to your available Cash for Gas and/or Cents Per Gallon rewards.

If the gas station accepts Cash for Gas rewards, the system will pump your fuel at the regular price, then deduct your available Cash for Gas from the total, effectively discounting your purchase by that amount.

If your available Cash for Gas rewards exceed the purchase amount, you pay nothing out of pocket.

If the gas station accepts Cents Per Gallon rewards, the pump will roll back the fuel price, then pump up to 15 gallons at the reduced price.

In locations that accept both Cents Per Gallon and Cash for Gas, the system will roll back the fuel price, then apply your Cash for Gas to further discount the resulting purchase amount (again, to a limit of 15 gallons).

The process may vary slightly from one location to another, so in most cases, simply follow the instructions displayed on the pump.

If you are unsure of the procedure, then check with the cashier before inserting your FuelLinks card.

Take advantage of the free FuelLinks rewards program for gasoline discounts and savings on gas prices at the pump.

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Join the FuelLinks gas rewards program today to start getting discounts on your gas purchases at participating gas stations.


  1. GeorgeT says

    Avoid stores with “fuel rewards” programs. These programs are just a discounts shell game and a bad deal for consumers at that. What you were getting in grocery discounts is now the fuel rewards program which according to the program creator is redeeming only a 60% of the earned points. So where a consumer used to receive a $1.50 off a item, they are not getting $1.00 off a tank of gas. I am amazed that people are cheering a discount program that is actually costing them more just becuase it has the word “fuel” in it.

  2. says

    Hello GeorgeT,

    I don’t know if it’s necessary to completely avoid stores with fuel rewards programs altogether, but if you have access to a store with cheaper overall grocery prices (like a Walmart Superstore), then you would definitely save more money shopping at your discount grocery store in the long run than you would by shopping at a more expensive store just to participate in the fuel rewards program (if the participating store is indeed more expensive).

    The FuelLinks program is not based on points, so I’m not sure I understand the statement that according to the program creator the program is redeeming at 60% of the earned points, but I understand your general sentiment.

    I do agree that a lesser gas reward is not a substitute for a bigger purchase discount, so that’s something consumers have to be aware of when grocery shopping. However, if the previous purchase discounts don’t exist anymore, then you are better off taking advantage of the gas rewards program than receiving no discount at all.

    Basically, if you can get cheaper prices somewhere else, then yes, you shouldn’t shop at a more expensive store just to get gas rewards, but if you are already shopping at certain stores or the prices on your purchases would be the same, then you might as well participate in the free fuel rewards program to get the additional savings.

    Thank you for your comments.


  3. Ted R. says

    I believe GeorgeT hit the nail on the head. I used to work for these companies and it’s all about breakage for the Retailer.

    The average fill-up is 11.7 gallons (due to smaller cars). The average fuel reward is a 15 gallon fill-up. So this is where the breakage comes in along with expired rewards and unused rewards that is split between the Wholesaler and Retailer.

    If you purchase the product at the offered TPR (Temporary Price Rollback), say $ .50 cents off, you receive the full reward offered. Much better deal.

    The sad thing about this program is that there are consumers in rural areas that usually put much less than the average fill-up in their vehicle, due to lack of funds, and they would be better off taking the TPR.

    Just a game of smoke and mirrors.


  4. Roger Scott says

    I tried to log in website with grocery card (member number) and it said wrong. Tried to enter (help) and put my # and it said it’s already registered. I never get “fuel links) card. Just card from grocery store called G & E Inc.

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