Giant Grocery Store Gas Rewards with Giant Card at Shell Gas Stations

Giant grocery stores are currently offering Giant Gas Rewards when you use your Giant Card for discounts at Shell or Giant gas stations.

Giant Gas Rewards can be earned at all Giant locations in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia (excluding Charlottesville), and Washington, D.C.

How To Earn Giant Gas Rewards

For each $1 that you spend at Giant, you’ll earn 1 point on your Giant Card.

When you earn 100 points, you’ll save $0.10 per gallon on gas at participating Shell gas stations and Giant gas stations.

You can redeem up to $2.20 per gallon in discounts on a single fill up.

Check out this Giant Gas Rewards Shell Discount Offer for more details on earning gas discounts for shopping at Giant grocery stores.

How To Redeem Giant Points for Gas Discounts

1. When you visit a Shell or Giant gas station, follow the prompts at the pump to start.

2. Insert your Giant Card (you can also enter your phone number or 12-digit key tag number).

3. Select your payment type and fuel grade.

Your gas price will drop instantly to reflect your discount savings.

Giant Gas Rewards Details

Points are valid for 30 days from the time that you earn them.

There’s no limit to the amount of Gas Rewards that you can earn.

However, there is no rollover of unused points, so if they are not used within the 30-day window, they will expire.

The maximum amount of gas points that you can redeem during 1 trip is 2,200 points for a savings of $2.20 per gallon, and your discount cannot exceed the price per gallon.

You can redeem your points at any Giant gas station or participating Shell locations.

The discount is limited to a 1-vehicle fill up with a 35-gallon maximum at Shell stations and 35-gallon maximum at Giant gas stations.

You will still receive the extra savings that are only available at Giant gas stations with your Giant Card.

You can also earn Gas Rewards by shopping at Peapod as long as your Peapod customer account includes your Giant Card.

Take advantage of Giant Gas Rewards to get gasoline discounts at Giant and Shell locations.

You may also be interested in these Cash Rebate Credit Card Rewards to earn cash back on all of your card purchases, including gas, groceries, and everything else that you buy on your card.

Sign up for Giant Gas Rewards today to save money on gas prices at Shell and Giant gas stations.


  1. Aaron says

    Thanks for this, I didn’t know about this before, so I find it helpful. Any type of savings is good, it stacks up, specially gas money… very expensive.

    Thanks for the info

  2. Gloria says

    I feel once you have earned these points, they should not be taken away. They should remain yours until you use them. It seems mine go away sometimes in a few days,,,, not 30….

  3. joseph a nocera says

    I could not get into the old check gas points website, and I could not find how to check points on the new website.

  4. Philip Mark Allen says

    For the second time in the past month, I visited the Shell station on Forest Drive, Hillsmere in Annapolis, MD, and received ten cents less discount on gasoline than shown on my Rewards receipt from the GIANT market, 948 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis.
    First time, I had over 300 points but the station yielded only 20 cents; this morning, August 19, I had 243 points, but received only a 10 cent discount.
    The Shell station attendant disclaimed any responsibility for the program, but gave me the telephone numbers and websites for Giant/Shell Rewards; alas, all I could learn from the call was that Shell and Giant were having technical troubles that should NOT affect my Rewards account.
    Yet, I received less than I had registered for at the Giant market.
    I fear that Shell is behaving dishonestly. Is this a profiteering scam on their part? If so I’ll cease shopping at Giant as well as at Shell.

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