Gulf Gas Station Credit Card Offers 3% Rebates with No Annual Fee

The Gulf Platinum MasterCard offers 3% in rebates at Gulf stations and 1% everywhere else with no annual fee.

If you regularly buy gas at Gulf stations, then this may be a better way for you to earn a consistent 3% rebate on gas, instead of depending on one of your 5% Rebate Cards to periodically earn cash back on gas purchases.

The Gulf credit card offers a 3% rebate for all purchases made at participating Gulf locations, and not just on gas purchases, so you may be able to earn rebates on gift card purchases as well.

The Gulf card also offers a 1% rebate on all other purchases made anywhere else, but this excludes purchases made at any merchant that sells gasoline other than Gulf branded gasoline, so you wouldn’t want to use the card at gas stations other than Gulf.

Once you accumulate $20 in rebates, you’ll get a $20 statement credit that will automatically be applied to any eligible Gulf purchases on your account.

There is no annual fee for this card.

Check out the Gulf Platinum MasterCard that is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware for more details.

More About the Gulf Credit Card Rebate Program

There is no maximum rebate allowance for purchases at Gulf branded locations.

Rebate accumulations will be reported monthly on your billing statement.

Each time you accumulate at least $20 in rebates, a statement credit will be automatically applied to any eligible Gulf purchases.

If no eligible Gulf purchases posted to your account during the billing cycle that the rebate was earned, the rebate will carry over to subsequent cycles until an eligible Gulf purchase posts to your account.

You must allow 60 days for the statement credit to appear on your monthly statement.

Statement credits are not transferable and points accumulated will expire after 24 months if not redeemed.

Check out these other Gas Rewards Credit Cards for alternative gas station options if you don’t usually shop at Gulf locations.

Get the Gulf MasterCard to earn a 3% rebate at Gulf gas stations.

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