Shop Your Way Members Save 30 Cents Per Gallon on Gas with $50 Spending at Kmart

Shop Your Way rewards members can save 30 cents per gallon off gas at BP and Speedway when you spend $50 or more at Kmart.

Just spend $50 or more at Kmart stores to get a coupon at checkout for $0.30 off per gallon on gas that you can redeem at retail gas stations identified on your coupon including participating BP and Speedway stations.

You must be a Shop Your Way rewards member, but you can join for free online if you are not already a member.

This offer is only valid at participating Kmart stores, and the coupon can only be redeemed at participating Speedway and BP gas stations.

How To Meet $50 Kmart Purchase Requirement

The $50 purchase requirement is before taxes and after other discounts.

It excludes non-merchandise, concessions, federal or state regulated items, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, fuel, prior and partial-paid special-order items, items behind the pharmacy counter, prescriptions and prior purchases.

This offer is not valid with online purchases.

Shop Your Way members must earn points on the qualifying purchases.

Learn more about how to get gas discounts with the Kmart Gas Program when you spend $50 or more in-store at your local Kmart.

How To Redeem 30 Cents Per Gallon Coupon at BP and Speedway


You will get a Pin code on the coupon that comes with your Kmart receipt to redeem at your local BP.

The Pin code that is provided on the coupon obtained at Kmart must be entered inside the station prior to fill-up.

The coupon can only be used for a single fill.

There is a 20-gallon maximum purchase at BP stations.

If less than 20 gallons is purchased, there is no residual discount on your next purchase.


You must be a Speedy Rewards Member.

Your Speedy Rewards Cards must be scanned inside the station with the coupon prior to fill-up.

The coupon can only be used for a single fill-up.

There is a 15-gallon maximum purchase.

If less than 15 gallons is purchased, there is no residual discount on your next purchase.

Take advantage of the Kmart gas discount program at BP and Speedway stations when you spend $50 or more on a single in-store purchase.

You may also be interested in using one of these Gas Rewards Cards for more savings on your gasoline purchases.

Participate in this gas savings program at Kmart today.


  1. Barb Faber says

    I just had the second negative encounter I have experienced while attempting to use one of your bp shop your way gas rewards. This time when my husband went inside, where the “adjustments ” have to made, the girl at the register (Mary Jane – MJ on her ID), told him the discount will not show up at the pump. She rang us up for 20 gallons for $85, deducted $6 ($.30/gallon for 20 gallons) and charged us $79!? (gas is $3.619 now….) The pump rang up 21.829 gallons, while showing $3.619. I went in when it was done and questioned her. I told her the discount was not applied. She said she deducted it here and showed me the receipt. It is easy to show a recept where $6 was deducted. I told her it did not show at the pump, she said it won’t , though others have told me it has at other stores. I told her that 21.829 gallons rang up @ $3.619 and to multiply it… it equals $79…. no discount!!! MJ was very arrogant and said “You got your discount!” I told her that no I did NOT and that I wanted the discount paper back… she gave me back the WRONG discount slip. I doubt if the slip could be used THE PROPER WAY ANYWAY!!!! If they are improperly trained, they need to be trained properly, otherwise this appears to be a farce!!
    Site ID: 9623067
    Please feel free to contact me, as I am very displeased!!

    • Veronica says

      I think if they are going to give gas rewards then they should have it where you can scan your KMart card like you do for super market rewards points. This way doesn’t make any sense to me at all. It’s more of an inconvenience.

  2. Lisa says

    I’ll join you all !!! I went to two different locations and they said that they wouldn’t take it at one place and the other said they didn’t have the software to do it.
    Now how do I get refunded for it???

  3. ELAINE WARD says


  4. Sandra says

    I just went to a BP that took it but for some reason the discount was not applied!!!!! They guy put in the pin before pumping and after it was all done, I still paid full price. They wouldn’t change it. I’m incredibly annoyed. Why bother!

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