2 Drawbacks to Booking Your Hotel Room through Travelocity

Travelocity is a great site to get travel savings and vacation discounts, but there are 2 major drawbacks to booking your hotel rooms through Travelocity.com.

I recently took advantage of this Travelocity $50 AMEX Discount to save $50 when I booked my Suburban Extended Stay hotel room in Green Bay, Wisconsin, through Travelocity.

I received my $50 discount, but I also experienced a few drawbacks due to booking my hotel through Travelocity.com.

First Drawback – No Room Changes or Upgrades

I called the hotel a few days after booking my room, because I wanted to see if I could switch from a single bed to double beds.

The hotel informed me that I could not switch rooms or upgrade my room, because I had booked my room through a third party.

I inquired whether I could pay the difference for the upgrade to the hotel, but they still indicated that I could not change the room type that I had originally chosen through Travelocity.

They also indicated that if I had booked my room directly through the hotel or through the ChoiceHotels.com rewards program site, I would then have been able to change or upgrade my room.

I understand that I agreed to this when I selected my room on Travelocity, but if you’re the type of person who likes to leave their hotel room options open, then you should understand this rule when you book your room.

Second Drawback – No Points Earned

When I checked in to the Suburban Extended Stay hotel, I presented my Choice Privileges Rewards Program card in order to earn points for my stay.

The hotel then informed me that you can not earn points for stays that you book through a third party.

I was aware that I most likely wouldn’t be able to earn points when I booked my room on Travelocity, but I still wanted to test this out in person at the hotel to make sure.

So if you book your hotel stay through Travelocity, you will not be able to earn rewards program points, and this rule may also apply to many Airline Mile Programs as well when you purchase flight tickets.

Of course, these rules also apply to other third-party travel discount providers and not just Travelocity.com.

Are Travelocity Travel Prices Cheaper?

One of the reasons that most people book their travel through Travelocity is to receive the supposedly lower prices that you get by combining hotel, airline, and car rental services.

However, I personally compared prices between the ChoiceHotels.com website and Travelocity.com, and they were identical for my hotel during the dates of my stay.

So I actually did not save money on my travel purchases by using Travelocity, but I did receive the extra $50 discount for using my American Express Card.

You can still find good travel deals on Travelocity.com and other Discount Travel Sites, but you won’t be able to earn your hotel loyalty points, and you won’t be able to receive a hotel room upgrade at a later time.

Suburban Extended Stay Green Bay Wisconsin Hotel Review

The Suburban Extended Stay in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a great place to stay if you’re going to see a Green Bay Packers football game.

They offer kitchenettes in all rooms, the hotel is very clean, and it’s extremely quiet, despite being on a pretty busy street.

The hotel is close to downtown and in the center of everything else, so you can easily get to any attractions in just a few minutes drive, like the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary or the National Railroad Museum (see The Polar Express for a unique winter holiday experience).

One of the main reasons that I stayed at the Suburban Extended Stay is they allow dogs for a flat fee of $50 per week, regardless of whether you have multiple dogs like my 2 Chihuahuas.

There is a little doggy potty yard with cleanup bags provided on the hotel premises, and there is also a larger park across the street to get your dog some more exercise.

If you’re going to see the Green Bay Packers, the Suburban Extended Stay is right on the free QB Sneak shuttle route that goes to Lambeau Field, so you can get a free ride to the game and back to the hotel.

There’s a Subway restaurant across the street for healthy snacks, and the Bake My Day bakery next to the hotel has a sensational selection of cupcakes.

The only downside of the hotel for me was the pillow top mattress, which wasn’t all that comfortable for 2 people to sleep in (hence my reason for wanting an upgrade to a double bed in the first place), and combined with the loud air conditioner, it resulted in some pretty restless sleep.

I’m definitely glad that I got my $50 discount for booking my stay through Travelocity, but I would have liked to switch rooms and also earn some points for my stay.

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