Choice Privileges Hotel Rewards Program 500 Bonus Points Referral Program

Choice Privileges hotel rewards program members can earn 500 bonus points for each new member that you refer to join Choice Privileges for free.

Plus, each new Choice Privileges member will receive 500 bonus points when you sign up through a current Choice Privileges member’s referral email.

If you would like to receive 500 bonus points when you join Choice Privileges and make a qualifying stay, please feel free to Email, and we will be more than happy to send you a referral email.

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Choice Privileges Referral Program Details

Each time a person you refer joins and completes their first point-eligible stay, 500 bonus points will be added to your account.

Newly referred customers will also receive 500 bonus points upon completion of the first eligible stay.

To participate and send referral emails, you must be a Choice Privileges member and refer your friends online at

Bonus points will post within 72 hours of the referred friend completing their first eligible stay.

Allow 20 days after check-out for hotels in Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, Central America, Australasia, and the Caribbean for points to post to your account.

Take advantage of the Choice Privileges referral program for both the referrer and referee to earn 500 bonus points toward Choice Privileges free hotel stay rewards.

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Join Choice Privileges for free today to earn 500 bonus points after your first stay, plus refer your friends to the Choice Privileges hotel rewards program to earn additional bonus points.

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