Cobblestone Hotels 20% Off 1 Night via Facebook Coupon

Cobblestone Hotels are offering 20% off a 1-night stay when you Like their Facebook page.

Just visit this Cobblestone Hotels Facebook Coupon and Like their page.

You can then enter your email address to receive a coupon for 20% off 1 night.

The 20% off coupon expires on January 31, 2014.

Cobblestone Hotels Promotions

You cannot combine this coupon with any other offer.

The coupon must be presented at the time of check-in.

It is only valid on a 1-night stay.

The discount is only available at select locations, so you may wish to call ahead to confirm they will accept the coupon.

Cobblestone Rewards Program $40 Room Credit

You can join the Cobblestone Rewards Program to earn special rewards when you stay at Cobblestone Hotels.

You have 2 reward options:

1. Earn $40 check for every 10 nights you stay.

2. Earn $40 Room Credit for every 10 nights you stay.

How Cobblestone Rewards Works

To enroll, you must complete the membership form online, and you will receive your membership card via email.

At check in, your membership stamp card must be provided with a photo ID, and your card will only be stamped at check out.

You will receive 1 stamp for each night that you stayed.

Once you earn 10 stamps, you may redeem the stamps for a $40 check from Cobblestone Hotels or a $40 room credit toward a room.

There is no expiration of stamps once you earn them, so you don’t have to earn the 10 stamps within any given time period.

Cobblestone Rewards Program

If you choose the room credit, it will expire 1 year from issuance date, and it may only be used toward a future stay.

You may use multiple room credits for a stay at any participating Cobblestone Hotels location.

However, if the total of the room credits exceeds the charges for the stay, Cobblestone Hotels will not pay the difference to you in cash or issue a room credit for the difference.

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