Expedia Business Rewards Offers $100 Hotel Bonuses for Ink from Chase Members

The Expedia Business Rewards program is an exclusive offer for Chase Ink card members that lets you and your employees earn travel rewards.

You’ll earn a $100 Flexible Reward Coupon for each 10 hotel nights that your company books and uses on Expedia.com.

Flexible Reward Coupons can be used toward savings on future business trips, or you can give them to employees as gifts.

The Expedia Business Rewards Program is free to join.

However, you must be an Ink from Chase card member in order to participate.

Expedia Business Rewards allows your employees to book travel on Expedia with their own accounts and continue to earn Expedia Rewards for personal use.

Expedia Business Rewards also makes it easy to manage all of your business travel in a single account.

Take advantage of Expedia Business Rewards to earn a $100 bonus coupon for each 10 hotel nights that your company completes.

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