Free Home Exchange Websites for Exchanging Vacation Homes

Exchange vacations around the world and trade homes with other people through these free home exchange websites.

There are many popular home exchange websites that are available for various types of vacation swaps.

However, many home exchange sites charge membership fees, so they may not be ideal for first-time users who might not take full advantage of their memberships.

Home exchanges or house swaps are a cheap way to travel to premier destinations around the world by arranging to trade homes with like-minded travelers who would like to stay where you live.

You can save money by not staying at hotels, plus you’ll experience a comfortable and unique experience in your host city during your vacation.

You can either trade your primary residence and stay at someone else’s home during the same time as they visit your home, or if you have a secondary residence, you can exchange accommodations and be more flexible with the dates that you can travel.

You can also exchange the use of your automobiles during your travels, so that you can save money on car rental prices as well.

Home exchanges make traveling much cheaper, and exchanging homes is a great way to develop relationships with people around the world.

Exchanging homes may not be for everyone, as the prospect of sharing homes with strangers may be scary to some people.

However, most travelers who are seeking to exchange homes are trustworthy and just want to share a similar experience for the same reasons as you.

Plus, you have to remember that you’ll be staying in their home as well, so there is automatically a certain amount of mutual respect.

Free Home Exchange Websites

Review these free websites for home exchange memberships to list your property and search other properties around the world.

Itamos: Free Home Exchange

Itamos is a free home exchange site that has over 4244 registered members with whom you can enjoy free home exchanges in more than 70 countries throughout the world.


Stay4Free is a platform for free home trades that has over 9,000 members searching for and offering free accommodations. You can register now to find addresses of people who want to exchange their house or who are willing to let you stay in their house for free.

Home Swap Holidays

Home Swap Holidays is a free home exchange program that anyone can join at no charge to browse listings and contact members as long as you become a member and submit your own property listing.

Roof Swap

Roof Swap is a worldwide home exchange program that allows you to list your home for free and start searching for your home exchange vacation.

Exchange Zones

Exchange Zones is a free home trading program for free vacation accommodations around the world.

RIDEF Home Exchange

RIDEF Home Exchange is a free international home exchange service that is user-friendly, multilingual, and free.

Only In America Home Exchange

Only In America Home Exchange is a free home swapping service catering exclusively to travelers within the Continental United States, its Territories, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Easy Home Exchange

Easy Home Exchange allows families to swap homes for vacations. You can currently join for free for a limited time. Easy Home Exchange is easy to use, and they offer Exchange Dollars as an additional way of trading vacation homes.

Simply Home Exchange

Simply Home Exchange is a non-commercial home exchange and vacation rental site with complete worldwide coverage and a unique property vetting system by the members. It is free to join Simply Home Exchange until they reach 1,000 home exchange listings.

Consider exchanging your home during your next trip to save money on your travels and experience a unique vacation.

If home exchanges are not for you, review our Hotel Discount Directory to get the lowest prices on your hotel accommodations when you travel.

Exchange your home the next time you vacation to save money with a free house swap.


  1. says

    Most first time home exchangers benefit from the extra assurance that everyone they contact are genuinely interested in arranging home swaps by joining a long established home exchange service that charges a modest fee and publishes only up-to-date exchange offers.

  2. says

    Hello Lois,

    I think Home Base Holidays looks like another good option for housing swaps, if customers don’t mind paying a fee for membership.

    The FAQs indicate it costs from as little as £29 for a 1-year online listing and contact privileges.

    I’m assuming that means that £29 is the starting cost and it goes higher with more features or exposure.

    That is pretty modest and lower than some house exchange website fees.

    However, I’m not completely convinced that charging a fee necessarily benefits your customers more than not charging a fee would benefit them, as you seem to be suggesting.

    I can see how some customers might be more committed if they had to pay a fee, but I see no reason to think that most customers would be less committed on a free house exchange website.

    There are other ways to establish commitment than to charge a fee, so I can’t see that as a benefit for your customers overall, although I do understand that you are running a business.

    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. Max

  3. says

    Hi Max

    Thanks for your useful feedback. Home Base Holidays has two membership options – one year, £29 and two year, £39 (plus discounts for both for renewing members), with no differences in the service all members receive.

    People can, of course, find suitable exchanges through free sites but you do need to be aware of possible pitfalls. Many new home exchange sites start up each year, and the majority of these offer free listings as the only way to realistically build a database. A few months down the line when owners of such sites find how difficult it is to develop the service in a very crowded niche market, they often appear to lose interest (newsletters/blogs never updated, listings not edited so that many listings are useless or very out of date) which doesn’t bode well in terms of likely service should a member have questions or problems.

    Home exchange is no different from other business services – you can take a chance with free sites, and you may well be lucky and find a swap and have no problems. But, if you feel more comfortable with a service that you know will provide support if needed, and which has verifed all members during the payment process, then you would still be well advised to pay a modest membership fee (not necessarily Home Base Holidays – you will find a number of well established, private membership home exchange services available).

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