Hilton HHonors Dining 2,000 New Member Bonus Points

The Hilton HHonors Dining program is currently offering 2,000 Hilton HHonors bonus points for new members, valid through June 30, 2015.

You’ll get 1,000 HHonors bonus points when you join Hilton HHonors Dining and complete a qualifying restaurant visit and review.

Plus, you can then earn 500 additional HHonors bonus points each time that you dine within your first 30 days for up to 2 times for a grand total of 2,000 bonus points.

2,000 Hilton HHonors Dining Bonus Points

Just visit this special Promo Link to earn 2,000 HHonors bonus points (instead of only 1,000 points) through June 30, 2015.

In order to qualify for the initial 1,000 bonus points, you’ll need to spend $30 in a single dine within 30 days of registration.

Plus, you’ll need to complete a review of your dining experience within 30 days of your dine.

Then, you must dine 2 more times within your first 30 days to receive 500 bonus points per dine for another 1,000 bonus points.

That’s a total of 2,000 bonus points in all for completing 3 separate dines.

The Hilton HHonors Dining program usually only offers 1,000 bonus points to new members, so take advantage of this special offer to get 2,000 bonus HHonors points for a limited time.

How To Get Your 1,000 Hilton HHonors Dining Bonus Points

1. Join Hilton HHonors Dining and provide a valid email address.

2. Spend $30 dining at participating restaurants in your first 30 days.

3. Complete a 1-minute dining review within 30 days of each dine. The review link will be emailed to you.

4. Earn 1,000 HHonors bonus points.

Plus, you’ll earn up to 8 HHonors bonus points for every $1 you spend at over 10,000 restaurants nationwide.

Check out this Hilton HHonors Dining 1,000 Points Bonus to join Hilton HHonors Dining through June 30, 2015.

Hilton HHonors Dining New Member Bonus Details

This bonus offer is open to new Hilton HHonors Dining members or existing members without a dining profile at the time of registration.

A dining profile includes creating a web login and opting in and remaining opted in to receive emails from Hilton HHonors Dining with a valid, deliverable email address.

To qualify, your profile must originate through one of the “Join Now” links on the promotional page.

You must register by June 30, 2015, to qualify for this bonus.

You must continue to satisfy other Online and/or Elite Member level criteria to earn this bonus (Please note that this portion of the terms most likely refers to earning the 8 bonus points per $1 spent on dines, and not towards the qualification for the 1,000 bonus points. However, the terms are not completely clear about this).

To earn this bonus, you must spend a total of $30 (including tax & tip) in any combination of dines at participating restaurants, bars, or clubs within 30 days of registering for the bonus.

You must submit a review about the dine within 30 days of your dine.

You must complete a review of your dine for the dine to count towards this bonus.

Activity that occurred prior to registration will not be eligible for this bonus.

In addition, all dines must occur during a valid reward period and be paid for with a credit or debit card registered in Hilton HHonors Dining.

This offer is not combinable with other Hilton HHonors Dining bonuses.

You must allow 4 to 6 weeks from your dines for any bonus points to post to your Hilton HHonors account.

Take advantage of this Hilton HHonors Dining promotion to get 1,000 Hilton HHonors bonus points.


  1. Ev says

    Section 24 of the Terms states …
    “24. You agree to pay us any fees (including membership fees) that we charge, from time to time, in connection with the Program (“Fees”), along with all applicable taxes thereon….”
    The program does not state what (and how much) these fees are???

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