HotelQuickly $15 First Booking Credit and $15 Referral Rewards

The HotelQuickly referral program offers $15 off your first hotel booking for new users and a $15 credit for each friend that you refer.

HotelQuickly is a mobile app that offers same-day hotel booking for incredible prices at hand-picked hotels throughout Asia.

They book hotels in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

If you had a late flight, an itinerary change, or just need a last minute hotel room, HotelQuickly allows you to book a last-minute hotel reservation with ease.

You can book rooms from 8 AM to 4 AM, so they’re pretty much there whenever you need them.

You can also get exclusive discounts of 20% off the average best price on the Internet with a Best Price Guarantee.

To make a reservation, you simply download the HotelQuickly app, select a city and hotel, and complete your name and payment information.

It’s that easy to get last-minute hotel bookings at low prices in Asia.

HotelQuickly $15 Referral Program Credits

Both new and current users can participate in the HotelQuickly Referral Program to earn $15 credits.

New HotelQuickly users will get $15 in free credit when you sign up and enter a referral code.

You can then immediately use the $15 credit toward your first hotel booking.

Current HotelQuickly users will get $15 in credit for each friend that you refer when they book their first room.

You can accumulate the $15 referral credits to get a free night.

If you are a current HotelQuickly member, please feel free to share your referral codes in the comments below this article, so that both you and new users can receive a $15 credit.

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If you travel in Asia for business or pleasure, try out HotelQuickly to get same-day hotel reservations, plus participate in their referral program to earn $15 credits toward your hotel stays.


  1. Nancy Zheng says

    Use this code for $15 free. Put it under Promo Code: when you register.

    You can also use it under “Credits” when you are logged into the app.

    Use code HQUIC1 for $15 today!!!


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