Marriott Rewards Plus Points Offers 2,000 Points Per Month for Social Media Sharing

The new Marriott Rewards Plus Points program offers up to 2,000 bonus points every 30 days for connecting with Marriott’s social media profiles and sharing their brand.

Just register and perform select social media actions between May 8th and November 8, 2014, to earn up to 2,000 bonus points every 30 days.

You’ll earn Marriott Rewards points by sharing or reTweeting posts to your Facebook or Twitter feeds, checking into properties on Facebook or Foursquare when you visit, posting photos to Instagram and tagging it with Marriott locations, using select hashtags in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram spots, and for liking and following select brands and properties in Facebook or Twitter.

Visit Marriott Rewards Plus Points to register and participate today.

The easiest actions for the most points include liking or following their Facebook and Twitter profiles, which will earn you 250 points each.

You’ll get 25 points each on all of the other types of actions, but you are limited to performing only 1 action per day, so you’d really have to keep on top of it every day to earn a good amount of points this way.

Either way, this is a pretty easy way to earn some extra Marriott Rewards points if you need to reach a certain level to get a free hotel stay or keep your account active.

You may also be interested in the Marriott Rewards Referral Program to earn additional bonus points.

Try Marriott Rewards Plus Points to earn up to 2,000 points every 30 days for participating in Marriott’s social media campaign.


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