Red Roof Inn Hotel Rewards Program RediCard

RediCard is the Red Roof Inn hotel rewards program, which offers free hotel nights and hotel perks for guests who frequently stay at Red Roof Inn hotels.

When you Join RediCard for Free, you can earn free hotel stays, Delta SkyMiles, or T-Mobile prepaid cards.

RediCard members earn 10 points per $1 spent on hotel rooms at Red Roof Inn.

Each time you earn 5,000 RediCard points, you’ll automatically receive the preferred reward option of your choice.

Reward options include a free hotel night certificate good at any Red Roof Inn nationwide, 1,000 Delta SkyMiles, or 5 T-Mobile HotSpot 1-day prepaid cards.

You select your preferred rewards option when signing up for the RediCard program, and you can change your preferred rewards option at any time during your RediCard membership.

A very small handful of Red Roof Inn locations require two free hotel night certificates to receive a free hotel stay, which would require 10,000 points in total, but most Red Roof Inn locations only require one 5,000-point certificate for a free stay, so you’ll earn 1 free hotel night for every 10 paid stays, at an average rate of $50 per night.

The option to receive 1,000 Delta SkyMiles will benefit frequent flyers, who may also be interested in Airline Rewards Credit Cards, which offer free bonus flights and travel discounts.

RediCard hotel rewards members will receive exclusive hotel perks such as a members-only toll-free reservation line, express check-in, a free USA Today newspaper delivered to your door, 5 free outbound fax pages per stay, access to special offers, and online access to your RediCard account.

In addition, Red Roof Inn offers Red Hot Deals, which provide exclusive savings and discounts on hotel stays for anyone staying at Red Roof Inn hotels, whether you sign up for the RediCard rewards program or not.

Join RediCard before booking your Red Hot Deal to take advantage of these exclusive discounts while earning free hotel nights at Red Roof Inn.

The RediCard program does have certain restrictions.

RediCard rewards points can not be earned through third-party websites like or Expedia, and members may earn points for only one hotel room per night, which is disappointing if you’re reserving multiple rooms for your family or friends.

Free night certificates are valid for 12 months after they are issued, and RediCard points may expire if there is no member stay activity within a 14-month period.

Despite these restrictions, the free Red Roof Inn hotel rewards program is an excellent way to earn free hotel nights and exclusive travel benefits if you stay at Red Roof Inn hotels frequently.

Check out these Hotel Rewards Credit Cards for more opportunities to earn free hotel nights and hotel discounts.

Take advantage of the RediCard hotel rewards program to earn free nights at Red Roof Inn.

Thanks and enjoy maximizing your money.


  1. Treva Windham says

    I stay at Red roof inns all the time, sometimes 10-12 days a month. My redicard acct # is 5001979953 and I received a coupon for a free stay almost a year ago, I keep staying with y’all, I have to drive 3 hrs. to the Dr’s and stay with y’all, as a matter of fact I did 2 days last week knowing it expires on the 20th. I was hoping to trade it in on airfare, all of my family son, daughter, grand kids are all out of state, and I have no computer and my health is very poor, If I don’t hear from y’all I will use it tomorrow
    So I don’t loose it, I’m using my phone now and trying to see how many points I have.
    Please e-mail me back and thank you again so very much !!

  2. bridgette Shannon says

    Mold in bathroom no heat was giving a electric heater no iron key broke off in safe spent four hundred dollars to stay here not happy

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