FundersClub Refer A Company for Venture Capital

The FundersClub Refer A Company program allows you to receive 10% of the carried interest when you refer a startup company for venture capital from FundersClub.

FundersClub is a venture capital platform that lets accredited investors become equity holders in FundersClub-managed venture funds for private companies.

Members can browse and screen fund investment opportunities, view investment profiles, and sign legal documents, allowing startups to get the capital they need while investors build a diversified portfolio.

It’s free to become a member of FundersClub, but you must be an accredited investor, which requires a minimum income and/or net wealth (the sign-up process of FundersClub verifies your accreditation).

FundersClub Refer A Company Program

If you make a direct introduction to a startup that FundersClub invests in via a single-company fund, you will receive 10% of FundersClub’s carried interest for that fund.

Only members of FundersClub have the ability to share in carried interest on investment funds when you refer companies to FundersClub.

Check out the FundersClub Refer A Company Program and sign up for FundersClub to participate.

In order to receive 10% of the carried interest distributed to FundersClub from the fund, the following must occur:

1. You must invest at least the minimum fund amount via FundersClub.

2. The fund must successfully close and invest in the target company.

The companies or founders of companies that you refer must not have been in previous contact with FundersClub, and you must have a pre-existing relationship with the CEO or person in charge of fund raising at the company.

The 10% of the carried interest is limited to the initial fund, and it does not apply to any subsequent funds.

The payout of the carried interest will only occur after the final liquidation of the fund and if carried interest is paid to FundersClub by the fund.

The sharing of carried interest only applies if FundersClub decides to create a single-investment fund for the company, and it does not apply if FundersClub decides to invest in the company from one of its multi-asset funds.

The referring member will need to enter into a separate written agreement in order for this to be effective.

If you are not an accredited investor, then you may be interested in the Wefunder Startup Investing Program, which will soon help anyone invest in startups for as little as $100.

Refer a startup to FundersClub to get 10% of the carried interest.

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