GoalMine $25 Bonus for Investment Accounts Funded With Unused Gift Cards

GoalMine is offering a $25 bonus when you open an investment account and fund your account with unused gift cards.

Update: This GoalMine gift card promotion has expired. You can still earn a $25 new account bonus through the GoalMine Member Referral Program.

You’ll get 150% of the first $50 of card value on your first card if you’re opening a new account (and market value for the rest), which is equal to a $25 bonus when you trade in your first gift card.

Just open a new savings account or mutual fund to qualify for this $25 GoalMine Bonus Offer when you trade in your first gift card.

How GoalMine Works

GoalMine offers mutual funds and an FDIC-insured savings account for your investment options.

You can trade in unused gift cards from 400+ retailers and use the cash to fund your GoalMine account, or you can also fund your GoalMine account from other bank accounts.

You will receive a percentage of the gift card value toward your GoalMine account, which is based on the current market value.

GoalMine charges no transaction or other fees to use the GoalMine platform, and there are no fees to use the savings account.

The only fees associated with the investments are those charged by the underlying mutual funds that can be purchased through GoalMine.

To open a GoalMine account requires a $25 minimum initial investment or deposit.

You can withdraw your money from your GoalMine account at any time.

Plus, GoalMine will offer you 150% of the first $50 of card value on your first card if you’re opening a new account, which is equal to a $25 bonus (plus the full $50 value of that portion of your gift card).

Check out GoalMine if you have unused gift cards that you want to use toward an investment account, plus earn a $25 bonus when you open a new account.

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Get a $25 bonus with a new GoalMine investment account that allows you to invest your unused gift cards.

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